Thursday, May 24, 2007

S.H.E's Play Album 3 songs: 中國話, 五月天 & 聽袁惟仁彈吉他)

Well, the moment my pal told me about S.H.E's new album released on 11th May, I zoomed to google to find out about the album tracks and youtube to find the MTVs. Since it's a really new album, I only managed to find 3 of the more popular songs. They are really cute and good, and of course I love em! So take a break and enjoy!

中國話 (Zhong Guo Hua) - Chinese Language
This tongue twister of a song was so addictive that it got stuck in my head the whole time, after listening to it! 扁担宽 板凳长, 扁担想绑在板凳上 (Bian Dan Kuan Ban Deng Chang, Bian Dan Xiang Bang Zai Ban Deng Shang) - Carrying Pole is Wide Wooden Bench is Long, Carrying Pole wants to tie itself to the Wooden Bench. It sounds right in chinese, cause it's a tonque twister!

五月天 (Wu Yue Tian) - May Day
This song tells of a story between neighbours Selina and May Day's lead singer Ashin who falls in love. While Selina wants to take the step faster, Ashin teases her by taking it slow and kissing her only after they have gone for a few dates.

聽袁惟仁彈吉他) (Ting Yuan Wei Ren Tan Ji Ta) - Listen to Yuan Wei Ren play the guitar
This song is super funny! S.H.E raps about the life story of song writer Yuan Wei Ren who tries to play the guitar. It's really interesting! Ella raps really well. ;)