Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Last few boring days, Ralph's Death and A little quarrel...

The last few days were stressful and boring. Was forced to stay at home during the weekend to do my assignments. Funny though they seemed to be so much time but I still don't have enough sleep always and was even dozing off in church when we were kneeling down. Tigger said she really couldn't believe it... ;p Monday was the first day of the booth for the Mt. Baw Baw trip and the registration wasn't good cause there weren't many people...

Had to stay till 5am to do my ISM assmnt which was due on Tuesday. As usual had no choice but to miss my 9am class again cause I slept so late. Tuesday wasn't a happy day for me cause apart from the usual full day of boring lectures and tutorials, I still had to rush and finish up the ISM assmnt before I handed it up. Thus, had double check with Mike the answers cause I was in such a daze that I can't remember what crap I was typing the report at all. Heaved a sign of relief when finally could dump the assignment into the box... Not to forget, congrats to Samantha whose guinea pig had given birth to 3 healthy babies. But ironically, Len and I's guinea pig Ralph died on the same day at bout 4am . I had to make Len rush all the way to my place to see him for the last time... =(

Tuesday seemed like a bad luck day. Not only did Ralph died, but I also quarrelled with my bb at night about the assmnt matter. We kinda had a miscommunication, and so had a little argument. For the first time he seemed so fierce as he talked and it shocked me so much that the tear drops just simply roll down my face. But it was alright after awhile and I really hoped that this little quarrel won't affect us much cause my bb really means alot to me... The ISA meeting just now finished quite late again as usual and I almost fell asleep as Aspin(Student Support Officer) was talking about Finance Stuff. Happy though to check my mail and found out that another of my assmnts had extension till Sep5. Gonna get back to work again... Boredz... (-.-)