Tuesday, August 17, 2004

SRA Ball, Moving into South and *Bored*-Assignments...

My tourism lecture ended a wee bit early to day and ha it gave me some excuse and free time to actually update my blog. But most prob my close friends and love ones will find this as stale news already. Last Thursday was Uni's SRA Ball, the food was not too bad and much better than Culture Night and this was a bigger event than that too, with more students attending. Kiddo was really sweet buying us corsage and he just couldn't stop sayin how gorgeous we looked that night. haha... The ball at the Traralgon Function Hall lasted till bout 12am plus before we headed back to campus for the after party in the student union. The DJ really sucked cause he was playing all the retro songs we didn't like at all. When the DJ finally changed and he played R&B, most people had already left and we too left soon afterwards as we were really tired. No guesses that I didn't attend my 9am lecture the next day...

Check out the photos.

Oh and yes I just moved into my new place at the South Units last friday and I really love it there with the deco, large space and esp. closer to my friends and stuff... I was jumping with joy when I got my keys last fri and after class immediatly went home to start packing. With the help of Len, Sheali and Kiddo, my old room was cleared in less than 2 hours and so dinner was a KFC treat for their help... I managed to settle and get everything done in my room by Saturday. Went to a Photography Trip to Lake Entrance on Sat and it was kinda boring. Tigger and I said down and had coffee while chatting most of the time. We were joking that this was such a "high-class" outing casue we went so far just for drink and chat. The scenary was not too bad, but that was it. Most people go there for the seafood, fishing and sea sports during summer; which is not the right time we went at all. See my new room below:

Was supposed to start on my assignments (3 due next week) on Sunday and continue on Monday. But somehow, just couldn't get into the mood of doing it and my bb was really worried about my health cause I wasn't sleeping enough, as well as my assignments. He's as usual as sweet as ever and currently me helping me with one of it which I said I'll try to do it myself first and will take his only as the last resort. I finally started abit on my multimedia one last night and hate to know I have to force myself again for the rest of the week. Tom's Kiddo's 21st Birthday and he's celebrating it with Hermant and 2 other people as well. Word was going around about the big party in the South tom, and hate to say most likely I can't make it to 9am lecture again next day, but will definitely try my best. I just can't go on like this cause I don't wana do badly this last sem... "Oh god, pls bring me back the right track..." (*.*)