Monday, January 10, 2005

Ala bEaUtY aDviSoR? aNotHeR cOm WiTh LoUsY MgMt? bEinG tHeRe WhEn I NiD u BuT iZit 4Ver?

Good to be back home and to my comfortable room as well, plus my parents are always delighted when I come back from s'pore then they'll bring me to somewhere for dinner and there will go all my dieting for the last few days…

Well, started my temp job as a Beauty Consultant for Lancome last Thursday and had been working since then. Lucky that the first day was to the counter at Seiyu Bugis and I found out that the training that time didn't help much cause you are just thrown there and made to learn so many things yourself. Thanks to having a "not-too-bad" memory and thus I manage to quickly learn how to recommend the different types of skin care and cosmetic to people and remembering as much the prices of the products as well. Initially, I loved the job.

2nd / 3rd & 4th day of work was like a totally different thing from what I wanted at all. Basically we were made to think that we are important "high-class flyer distributors". Put it simply, our supervisor's instructions were to stand outside Isetan Scotts and hand out samples + brochures and to explain to people about the new moisturizer they have just launched. Bloody hell and they expected us to hit a target of 1k for the temps and 2k for the perms. They are really nuts when most of the time we are outside, how the hell do they expect us to do even reach a third of the target. My colleagues told me they never did once hit during the launch of new products -> its just ridiculous.

Furthermore, stuff that I found out yesterday made me even more pissed off. I found out they only paid people end of every 2 months, which is so absurd! They give the excuse that they need to count the commission and stuff. And so people who wants to try this kind of job you had better be able to survive for the 1st 2 months first, else you gonna be real broke waiting for your first pay day. The other matter was that I was looking forward so much to going back to Seiyu Bugis counter today and tomorrow. But apparently the perm girl there said she couldn't get me so she called someone else -> which is absolute bullshit cause my mobile was on like 24hrs/day. I reckon she's just jealous and feel threaten that a newbie like me could hit sales that totaled $700 plus on my first day and she was kinda hinting that we should merge receipts cause she had very little sales that day; I mean who would be so stupid when you earn on commission as well?

BITCH -> I hope your skin infection doesn't get well. You see, she had used expired facial scrub (I mean, how stupid can one get?) and there's black patches round her face now. Darn, why didn't they ask her to take leave and not go to work and scare customer's away?

Anyway, so I'm pissed of by all these that my depression mood is setting in again and all I can think of is wanting a nice hug and consolation from him but he's working late and being tired and stuff he gave me a call sayin he was on his way home when he actually pop up in front of my bro's place and gave me a surprise just like he did 2 days ago.

I was actually chatting with my pal that in the past when I was working in CTC, matters of work went well with my promotion, incentives and stuff, but I had a shitty BF. Now what I had a nice BF, my work stuff is all shitty. And my pal was just sayin that well, I can't have everything. And so I would stop complaining cause I'd rather have a shitty job and a nice BF cause as there's lotsa jobs out there you can always switch anytime, but finding someone who makes you happy isn't that easy after all and now I fully understand his ex's words when she said, "Well, now you have my nice BF."

Then again, not everything is lovey-dovey forever. Much as you want something to last, things don't always turn out that way and I know I always have to keep my girlfriends' advice in mind that "Choosing him is like going for a short term relationship only" cause much as I would like to see something down the road, he has still not reach that stage yet. Well, since I told myself planning too much ahead (for love) is pointless cause you never know what might happen again, there I go again... Stop stop stop...

And so I'd stop being too soft-hearted as well by wanting to keep to this sucky job because I felt bad towards my supervisor. Started flipping through the newspapers for other temp jobs again and am scheduled for another interview for a Temp Banking project. Sometimes after all those pass bad encounters, I reckon office jobs still suit me better. But I'm keeping my fingers cross for this better paid job and hope that things turn out well...