Saturday, January 15, 2005

jOb hOpPin & jUsT cURiOuS, aNyOne kNoWs hOw MuCh pEr hR tO sEe a pSyChiAtriSt?

Back from SG again and for some time if you don't see any updates or replies on my blog means I should be away from home. Went for the interview last tuesday for the temp banking project. Guess what? It was telemarketing a bank's creditline product. I blink my eyes when I saw what was written on the application form but hell since I was already there, decided to go ahead with it anyway. The interviewer made everything short and sweet and I was barely in there for 5mins. There were like 50 over people that went for the 2day interview and in the end, there were only 8 of us at the table. Why we got it? I don't know, maybe it's either she likes you or she doesn't like you. Well.. thus goodbye to the Lancome job...

I don't know why my tempremental mood is setting in again.. I mean if it's because of that time of the month, it should have passed already like few days ago. Anyway one of the reasons might be because of the f**king handphone bill of $400 bucks! Auto-roamin is bloody expensive and you are charged both sides -> Bloody mobile operators, no wonder they make so much money! And honestly, telemarketing isn't as easy as you think, the mental stress you go through when you get nasty people on the phone is just so unbearable and I barely started like 2 days. Think Im gonna aim some of you people's mum or dad to sign up since application and annual fee is waive anyway, plus they get free gift & spa discount voucher. But Im just so lazy to go bug them about it, it's just like an insurance agent trying to bug you, just that this one is FREE.

Well, can I just say some people from the other side of the continent I was studyin in are similar to some of those in my country -> They process things bloody slowly and I think a cow works faster sometimes. It's sickening to get just an email reply from the uni sayin Im offered my honors but when is the damn official letter ever gonna come so I can settle my visa's and stuff?! I feel guilty sometimes for taking out my mental stress on him. And the more vexed I get, the more sensitive I am that sometimes I think even he doesn't know what to say to console me already. People think Im just being too sensitive and worry too much about things, but I say maybe a talk with a psychiatrist might help if things get any worse. Trust me, waiting for things to happen and knowing there's nothing you can do about it is a real mental stress.