Monday, January 03, 2005

DeEpeSt cOnDoLenCes tO fAmiLy viCTims oF TsUnAmi's cRisiS, soMe fOod fOr tHoUgHt & mY UsUaL SoAp...

Ok so my dad's complaining about the Internet Bill and thus I'm bloggin here on MS word first. Firstly let'stake a minute of silence in respect to the Tsunami victims and their families. (*_*) What is the world coming to? The morning mass at church today was a solemn one as we prayed for the Tsunami victims as well. I found something that Father mentioned meaningful; he said that people would probably blame god when disaster strikes, but the truth is humans are the ones who don't treasure and use what god gave us.

2 facts taken from trusted sources:

- The Indian Air force Navel base was already covered under water an hour before the large wave hit the beaches, so that means there were people who knew of more huge waves coming, so why wasn't the public informed?
- Furthermore, some of the govt. offices had received faxes of the impending huge waves and then again we ask the same question, why?

An article from the local paper interests me talking about analyzing the Tsunami wave. According to the Indian almanac, Dec 16 to Jan 14 of every year is regarded as inauspicious. Why? You could tell from the major earth quakes around the world that occurred in December and January:
- Dec 26, 2003 - South Eastern Iran, Bam - 6.5 on the Richter scale - 41,000 killed
- Jan 26, 2001 - India - 7.9 on the Richter scale - 13,000 killed
- Jan 8, 2000 - Tonga Island, Dec 6, 2000 - Turkmenistan, Jan 25, 1999 - Western Columbia and the list goes on.

Doesn't every major catastrophe come with little hints in some way or another? People had initially thought that the world would come to an end in the year 2000. So, eventually when it didn't, it actually brought a series of events that happened subsequently like the Sep 11, 2001 attacks, SARS in 2003 and Tsunami in 2004. Is planet earth trying to tell us something? We could only know in time to come. So meanwhile, live life to the fullest everyone and treasure your loved ones and friends.

Ok let's get back to my little soap opera. Well I had a quiet little Xmas eve with 'U' watching 'Meet the Fockers' and a rather expensive and not-worth-it dinner at one of the restaurants in Chimes. Well, everything's a lesson learned, but it's still not surprising we never run out of things to do in Melbourne, but in Singapore we both always go, 'Hey what you wanna do?' Maybe it's cause we just like lazing together watchin telly on the couch and just knowing the other person is beside you is enough to make us happy. ;p

Anyway, I was the one who supposedly got a job first but it doesn't start till 21 Jan and he's already in the middle of his part time job as a waiter. One day we should go to the steakhouse he's workin at, 'Ya tigger?' It's somewhere in Serangoon as well. So I'm back to being bloody bored at home and still waiting for the 'LETTER'. Apparently got 2 letters from Monash and my hopes were dashed when one was asking for money and the other about the Alumni thing... Damn Uni always fast in asking for money and other matters they take forever to reply...