Saturday, January 22, 2005

a ToRurOuS WeEk, mY LoNg-AwAiTeD LeTtEr & cOuNtiN tHe DaYs bAcK MeLB -> hOpiN eVerYTiN gOeS WeLL..

Helloo people, I was back since yesterday but cause it was a Public Holiday and I had to go in S'pore again just to meet up with someone, thus I didn't have time to update then. Well, one week has passed and I'm or we're counting the days down back to Melbourne! The whole week was like a torturous one and time passed so slowly during working hours -> yeah, telemarketing really sucks and there were so many times I just wanted to tell my manager that I wanna quit. But hey, for the money and to kill time I guess I'm gettin the hang of it. Anyway, met some cute and nice friends there as well and yeah I'm the oldest cause all of them were waitin for their 'A' Level results. There was one girl who's studyin in Perth - UWA and she asked alot about studyin in Aust. cause July'04 was only her first sem and as usual Longy has friends from UWA as well, so we decide to intro them one day so she can make more friends.

Things have been going quite ok for the time being and yes! my long awaited offer let has finally arrived by express post and I have signed and sent back the acceptance letter already. As for things between us, it's rather ok cause someone could never get angry and just seeing his silly face and silly teasing makes my day. ;p . We've been tryin hard to bear with it and really can't wait to return to Melbourne. These days, there's so much talk on "When we are back there ah...". The only thing I feel guilty about and will miss are my parents cause I know they miss me very much. Sometimes I feel I'm selfish to choose my place of happiness, but I promise myself I will not let them down and will bring them over to Aust. if I can in future. Had a "Tele-conference" with Timmy, Len and Miko yesterday and they were meeting up with Hemant as well. The chat made us miss having everyone together all the more. Oh yah Tim's visiting Len in KL and so Longy and I had a chat with them on the phone for awhile and we really miss the usual hangin out... Countdown -> 34 days to my flight.

Ok ill stop whimpering and talk about some other things. Went CNY shopping with my parents last weekend and got some stuff -> . All I got were tops and shoes, haha cause wanna lose more weight before I get any bottoms. Well, normally I lose weight only when I'm stress or unhappy and sure enough, since I got back I lost like 5kg and more to go I hope. There's the good and bad of it, but hey, come to think of it, it's natural slimming, haha... It's not that I really unhappy here, but there's too many restrictions for him when we are in S'pore and as I've said, Im sick of having to shuffle between the two countries and NOT looking forward to more jams of human traffic and other forms of congestion on the causeway and the respective checkpoints. And working in SG sucks because everyone is -> OVERWORKED, UNDERPAID & EXPLIOTED. 14 years of study and work there didn't make me love the country at all, just the facilities and service there maybe... Anyway, no offences to S'poreans huh, Im sure most of you know better as well... Well, Msia isn't any better as well lah..


Anonymous said...

i love the shoes!!!!!..*smile*

-mel- said...

Who's that? Tigger? I can bring you in JB buy.. haha.. =)