Thursday, May 19, 2005

AnOtHeR MeLBoUrNE tRiP, a HaPpY sHoPpEr, pOtRaiT wOrKsHop, sOme sTuFF & dEniSe'S biRtHdAy...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSometimes it makes me feel writing a post on my blog is like doing a report writing assignment. I have to ponder awhile before I can actually start because it takes a few minutes to recap whatever happened in the past few days. Len's been asking me, "Mel, have you updated your blog?" And I was like, "Yeah I will.. Soon.." So last Saturday we made another day trip down Melbourne and the main purpose was that Lily and Miko had finished their assignments for that week and wanted to take a break and as for me, I wanted to go shopping! To be able to walk into shops, looking and trying out clothes and going off in bags is one of the best feelings any girl would get. Supposingly it was Darling's idea of a last trip down Melbourne before exams, but I thought so otherwise, knowing him. And I was right because he wants to head down Melbourne again this weekend for another day trip to his main place of interest: Crown. He's having the urge again after winning a couple of bucks last week and I thought Yeah fair enough, let him go try his luck one more time before exams...

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comJust 2 days ago I had my hair bleached by Len cause she had some extra bleach after doing Tim's hair, so I might as well did mine too. Then the day after she coloured my hair for me. Darn, it was supposed to be called Vixen Violet or something, but I don't see much on my hair at all. Joyce's hair is now pink, blond and I don't know what else, but she opted for an extra streak of violet too. Anyway, it's Denise's birthday today and this afternoon I gave her a call just to send my wishes and have a little chat with her. It was just a awhile after her lunch time and lucky she was free cause it was office hours by the way. It's funny how long ago I sent her present and it hasn't reached yet and she was saying yeah cause it's from Pooh, so it might take a little longer.. haha.. very funny.. Glad to know she's fine and put on abit of weight, and I miss her too... =( So one of my best friends here has started a blog as well. And its not surprising after all, it's free on Friendster anyway. But I realised her posts mostly contain phrases and quotes and everything runs in riddles. It's fine with me cause I know sometimes when you have too many troubled stuff on your mind and you can't just spurt everything out bluntly, the only thing you can do is to write them in a circle and leave people to derive the meanings for themselves. I do that too on my blog sometimes because some things are just too sensitive to mention in bold words.

I just found out recently that a Bachelor Degree and a Honours Degree are different and I have to attend two graduation ceremonies! I mean it sounds so absurb because I always thought that Honours was an extension to the current degree... Anyway the weeks are really passing by quickly and after attending the EMIT meeting yesterday, I gotta know that the next issue of EMIT Gippsland is coming out this friday or next Monday. I can't wait to see how my article is laid out in this issue cause I was supposed to help out but didn't turn up due to some last minute stuff. Today is also Michael's birthday. He's Helen's husband and sort of like my God-pa too. I felt so guilty I actually forgot his birthday but luckily I decide to bake some muffins this evening and so I dropped by their house with longy just now to take it to them. Okie, I'm writing off soon cause darling's having insomnia and singin to himself again... "Pe kak - Ah Choo" = Bird Flu according to him and he's singin itsy bitsy spider now too... (O_O)