Sunday, May 01, 2005

a "HuGe" LiTtLe aRgUMenT WiF dArLing, aNotHEr aSsmt dOwn, mELbOuRnE tRiP tO aMbER, pLuS sHopPinG & cRowN...

Got rid of another boring weekend on campus and went down Melbourne on Fri coz darling wanted to send his car to his family friend in Glen Waverly for a check up. Managed to finish the data mining assignment 2 earlier and handed in before we left so I could enjoy the trip knowing one thing's off my mind. But I was supposed to meet up with my lecturer to discuss about the source codes for the project on Fri morning but he had a meeting, so it's postponed till Mon. Darn after so much reading into my project of Image Retrieval based on Colour Histograms, now he comes and tell me that I should change to Image Retrieval based on Shape Contours instead. Sound complicating? Yeah I don't understand half of the papers I was reading as well anyway. And as I was just getting the hang of the first topic when now I have to start re-absorbing something else again... It was just not so good a week too as darling and I got into quarrel about the accomodation stuff on where to stay when we were down in Melbourne. We got it sorted out anyway in the end but we are actually sick and tired of always having to be the ones to settle everything little thing.

Image hosted by So we reached Melbourne at about 6pm when he was supposed to send sexy-H to the guy at about 5.30pm. He made the mistake of trusting that someone would give him a lift back from Glen after he dropped his car as he wanted us gals to wait at the service apartment first. Then again it was some wrong planning when we all should have headed straight to settle his car first. For the first time he was really pissed off and was in a really foul mood in the car, but Im glad I followed him coz I didn't want him to have to go through a bad day by himself. When we finally met up with the rest, had dinner and returned 'home', it was already about 9.30pm plus and we were comtemplating to go Amber or not when it was decided it would be a "Girl's Night". So the 3 of us went to Amber while the boys went to Crown instead. No prizes for guessing to do what there; Its Roulette and nothing else... Some "Wat tat" guy tried to hit on every gal on the dance floor and Joewuz gt a shock when he rubbed his hands on her waist as she danced. She quickly moved on to Len and when that maniac started heading my way, I was saying, "Len, help" when she came hug my waist and dance to shake that guy off. Nothing much to see that night, lotsa pretty gals and lotsa short yucky guys... I reckon having eyes on my darling is still the best.. haha..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe had to drag ourselves outta bed the next day at 10am and we barely slept like for 3 to 4 hours only. But it turned out all worthwhile when we headed down to Shark's Fin House, a famous Yum Cha dim sum restaurant in Bourke Street. Darn, you had to queue out outside even before the restaurant opened at 11.30am. Timmy learnt to appreciate and even liked the food there as well. For the first time, he tried chicken feet, haha.. And Len's so afraid of the giant fried squids because of their tentacles. The food was awesome and really great, we ate so much stuff and the bill was still quite reasonably priced at $77, which meant it costs each of us like $15 bucks each. Later we headed to the Asian Grocery store to get more foodstuff and then to Vic Mart for some shopping. I managed to get my Mother's Day present and Dad's birthday present, which was one of the main purpose in going down to the city. Not gonna mentioned what I bought coz its gonna be a surprise for them and mummy + daddy dearest sometimes come check out my blog. So the gifts are something my mum would really like and for daddy-o, something he can wear... Aww.. never mind mummy knows what I got for him anyway coz I had to call her up and confirm the size.. heehee... Then we went back to Crown cause it was now us gals turn to try our luck. Darling's high school friend called Tim as well met up with us as well and he won some $ at Baccarat, Joewiz at Black Jack, while the rest of us stucked to our Roulette. We later wanted to have dinner at the Hong Kong restaurant in Glen Waverly called Rock Kung, but it was bloody packed, so we settled for Pancakes instead which really caused us to feel sick coz of its sweetness. So we just had to take-away "Char siew and Siew Yok" home still and lucky I managed to drag myself outta bed for church this morning. So another quick weekend gone and another boring uni week coming... (^.^)