Thursday, May 12, 2005

sAy a LiTtLe pRaYeR fOr dEaR MuRiEL aNd oH mY, iT's aLmoSt tHe eNd Of tHe sEmEsTeR...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTuesday was the funeral mass for dear Muriel nana. She was a sweet old lady who did lotsa of volunteer work and one of the RCIA members during my time as a catechumen last year learning the catholic faith. She doted on me like she did to anyone and I'll always remember her cheerful smile and warm hugs everytime we said goodbye at the church. Helen called me to inform me last Saturday that she had passed away the day before. It was all so sudden... Yeah we knew she had a tumour the size of an orange in her brain and the operation to remove it was a successful one. We all thought she was a strong lady and nothing could beat her. But, who would have expect her lungs to get infection after that and her kidney's just failed thereafter... Her passing on came as a shock to all of us including many at the church. Everyone was in startled when Father announced it at church last Sat mass... But, it's good to know she's finally rid of suffering and is now in Heaven with the Lord. Say a prayer for her...

Image hosted by Back to the usual uni stuff... I hate to spoil everyone's mood, but time passes so fast that in less than a month it's exams time. And I hate to remind myself that I haven't done much for my project yet, considering that it composes of 2 modules each sem. So I finally sat down in the Honours lab doing my readings for 3 hours yesterday and started procrastinating again today. I was talking to my mum last night and she started asking me, "So how's your thesis going on?" I was like, "Yeah its okay, Im still trying to understand what my supervisor is writing in his PhD thesis that Im reading now"... and still trying to finish.. But ah well, as you can see, Im not the only one still taking things easy... Caught Miko playing Len's PSP and she's still at it now... Mum also asked if Longy was still eating as much and I said yes as well... Anyway out of a sudden, Longy decided to take part in a Badminton match in which he is going to be playing tonight. We'll be there to cheer him on and hopefully he doesn't get his arse whooped already in the first round.. Good Luck Hon..

I wish I could read the lyrics of songs instead of technical papers,
I wish understanding math equations were as easy as understanding song lyrics,
I wish memorising technical terms were as easy as memorising my favourite songs,
I wish presentations were as easy as me singing my favourite songs,

I wish, I wish, I wish... Yeah that would be a dream... Hahaha... I fantasizing too much...