Saturday, May 07, 2005

sHoPpiNg aNyoNe? gOoD NeWs oR wHaT? pUpPieS u WiSh u CoULd bRiNg hOmE & cUdDLe pLuS JoYcE's BdAy...

Today's post seemed more like a Sales Catalogue with all the details and prices of stuff on the pictures. We just came back from Traralgon awhile ago because Longy was on the craze of Charcoal chicken again. I was writing small notes on his PDA for my blog because I know by the time I actually get home, turn my com, get online to create a new post, I most probably get lost lost for words already. *sign* It really would have helped more if his PDA didn't keep having the auto screen saver going off while I am slowly trying to refer to it while blogging now...

A week ago, I was browsing through one of the blogs that won the "Best Asian Blog" awards for 2001 or 2002 I can't remember. It's and I have been to her blog to read it a few times and found her posts to be really corny sometimes, but funny as well. She bitches about her daily life and the people that revolve around her. If you're in for a good laugh or two, it's fine, though after awhile it gets a little unbearable with all those singlish in it sometimes. Yeah, no rewards for guessing where she's from. No offences but you can most often tell where people hail from sometimes: Malaysia with their mix of canto-broken-english and Singapore with their singlish. Haha, I used to speak singlish too, until I met my "Banana" BF here who speaks with an aussie accent... Met Samantha and Stacey in the uni's cafe sometime this week and we had a little chat, and I was tempted to take a photo of Samantha's handsome "son" ages ago. So here's his photo below. Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, we get back to the week's highlight-> Joyce's birthday on thursday, 7 May. It was a join party with a guy named Charles held at the West Rec Hall on Rez. We kinda thought there wasn't gonna be enough food for everyone so we had something before we went and it turned out the pizza was more than enough and Len, Longy and I actually regretted having some Fried Noodles before that. But they stuffed themselves with more pizza anyway and I only took one cause my stomach couldn't fit anymore. Then there was space needed to be saved for her Michel's Caramel chocolate birthday cake.. hmmn.. *yumyum*. So "Hashboy" was there at the party too. He was some weird asian guy who turned up at Tim's bday party as well and no one knew who he was. He name so prevails because of the incident during Tim's party where he asked what was inside the choco cookies and when Longy told him it was hash, he went, "Omigod! There's weed in my cookie, I'm going to die"! And he went plop on the grass thereafter. **lol** We guess that was just psycological effect..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnother thing was that I don't know if it can be considered a good news, but yeah I got awarded the Scholarship from my IT faculty. I don't know if it was a case of silly mistake of what, but I actually applied for another Victorian's Women Scholarship or something and I overlooked the part that says, "send 5 copies of your application" and it turned out that my SINGLE copy of application was withdrawn and sent back. Else, I might have stand a chance in and extra scholarship and plus part-time job means yap, more money left for shopping! Yesterday, the 4 of us went Midvalley for a walk again and Len and I just couldn't take our eyes off the cute puppies at the pet shop. Darn we were so tempted to get one back so many times and they were only $295. We were there ogling and playing with them for 5-10mins... If only they allowed sweet, cute and lovable dogs on rez, how cool would that be, with people walking their dogs round here every evening and the vast variety of breeds we can get to see. I promise myself that IF I do get my PR, there first place I'm going is to a pet shop! yess... *hee..hee*

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOh yeah, not to forget about the time Len and I went applying for a student credit card at Commonwealth Bank. Damn, they have the worse service ever and we spent almost an hour waiting like fools while they take their own sweet time processing. You know it was like the common bank in e.g. M'sia-MayBank and S'pore-DBS. But I reckon the DBS bank in S'pore has most efficient service as compared and I would have gone up straight to the commbank counter and asked to close down my acct. and start up with ANZ had it not been the only bank having student credit cards. Oh and yesterday too, for the first time Len and Longy decided to join Joewiz and I for a swim at the Churchill Leisure Centre, the usual place Joewiz and I go. I should have kept my mouth shut about having a race with darling, even given a head start he bloody overshot me and was at the finish line even before I reached the 3rd quarter. *darn* Len was just waddling in the pool with Tim, because that girl only knows how to float and dunno how to swim.. (*.*)