Monday, May 09, 2005

JoEwiZ'S bRoThEr'S biRtHdAy, mY LoNg-aWAitEd pAcKaGe fRoM mY pArEnts & hErE cOmE'S aNoThEr aNnoYiNg tWat...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYesterday was Joewiz's brother's birthday and we had a potluck at Joewiz's place. We had chicken curry, fried veggies and keropok by Joewiz and fried beehoon, nuggets and red bean soup from me. Joewiz baked a lovely and delicious white chocolate cake for her brother as well and man, it was from scratch! I reckon I would just mess up the whole kitchen only, if I ever made any cakes or pastrys from scratch; just like I did when I made rock buns ages ago for my family during my secondary school days when Home Economics taught in school gave you the urge to try out baking at home, haha.. =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJust received my "long-lost" parcel from my parents today. My dad accidently sent it through Ship cargo instead of by air 2 months ago and so it only reached now. I was so touched by the birthday card they wrote for me that tears started rolling down my cheeks and darling came in shocked, asking me what happened with a worried face. Then you must be thinking its so silly to put up pictures of balloons here when it's such a common thingy. But don't call me "kiasu" or what, I have only seen metallic coloured balloons here in aust... Len's got her's in red, pearl white and yellow. Kahn's a pretty cool student in our uni who is a superb DJ Mixer and he's always called to DJ for most people's R&B parties and sometimes at the Saloon as well. Hope he had a great party that night... Oh, I can't wait to talk to my mum tonight and tell her about how much I love the gifts, but before that, one little note to:

Ms. Oranje: It's okay if your life sucks or it's so boring that you wanna come idolize my blog. So what if you think my english is atrocious? I never said it was perfect anyway and NO ONE pinned you down with a knife forcing you to come read it. So piss off because the Tag Board is meant for communicating with my buddies and friends only!