Saturday, November 26, 2005

dArLiN woKE mE uP fRoM mY DrEAm, hELLo tO dEaR tiGGeR, mORe sHoPpiN & yET mOrE tHiNGs tO pOnDeR...

I had a sweet dream going on this morning and darling had to push over and wake me up. -> I dreamt that I was pregnant and then there were all sorts of hoo ha like getting baby stuff and they were OH SO CUTE! Boy I think of some of my girlfriends sometimes who already have their sons or daughters and they start calling me auntie. Though it seems like life is over for them with a baby and stuff, I reckon everyone has to grow up one day and sooner or later, clubbing and having late night with friends would get boring as well. It's not scary, it's a phase in life everyone has to go through and not live in denial behaving like a child even though they are in their mid-twenties. Anyway, I woke up gaving a stare at darling telling him, "Thanks ah, wake me up! At least let me see how cute my baby is when he/she is born then wake me up lah!"Image hosted by
Oh well, lets forget about that and let me reply to the messages posted by my dear tigger: HI GIRL!!! It's been a long time since I heard from you man, guess you must be busy with work as usual! Must have seen my message from friendster then decide to pop over to my blog? Yeah, hate the uni right? Always making things difficult for people and never seem to help students with their stuff. I reckon it's time to complain to ISA!? Anyway, nice studio shot with your friends, don't forget to leave time for me when longy and I return to SG ah, will SMS you first thing when I get back!
Meet Tigger, the best friend of Pooh, she taught me the true meaning of friendship! She and "Kitty" (Evon) made me realised that there are still honourable, fun-loving and considerate SG girls out there! Miss the pot-lucks, the make-up session during balls, the chit-chatting till the wee hours, the waking up and dragging each other to church on Sunday mornings, the shopping trips, the afternoon tea at IMIS etc..
You take care too dear girl and really hope to see ya soon!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd with that, today was yet another shopping, "burnt more holes in your pocket" day. Darling had to drive over to the mechanics to pay up the car service money and so he dropped us at Brandon Park, The Centro shopping centre. It was just like any other shopping centres in Melbourne with a supermarket, an anchor tenant and other small shops. We missed KMART from traralgon and thought it would be good to walk in the one here. There were a couple of other smaller clothes shop, but nowdays when I buy clothes, I make sure I really like it before I buy, else they will land up for sale in ebay again anyway! Then we saw some CUTE puppies at the pet shop and darling as usual again was going on like, "Orh, can we bring him home pleaseee?" **Frown from mel** Anyway, got a cheapo but pretty nice watch from KMART, to last for the time being. Been looking to get a new watch for a long time! And I like Fossil watches, but they are much cheaper in SG and it's so expensive here.. So I'll wait and pester darling to get me one back in SG *Sly Grin* ;)

Darling and I just got back from dinner at Rock Kung and yes it's been some time since it's just the two of us thingy. We had our usual Char Siew, then we added an Oyster sauce bak choy and Salted Fish with Bean Curd and Chicken Hot Pot. At first we were not happy, not happy that we are the ones always giving and the others always taking. No happy when we do everything we always spare a thought for others, but yet they do not do the same sometimes. But then darling told me, "Oh well, at least you have me and I have you!" I reckon people in this world belong to either one of the categories; those who give and those who take. I won't deny in the past I've been taking alot as well, but ever since darling came, he taught me how to give as well. I guess it's just the two of us like two peas in a pod who, no matter how much we say like, "We are not going to care anymore!" We just can't keep to it, maybe cause we are just too soft-hearted...