Monday, November 21, 2005

dRiViN bAcK GippY, i aBsOLuTeLy HaTE mY sUpERviSoR, gREEn TeA iS GooD & A PeNnY fOR YoUr tHoUGhTs...

Just got home from my uncle's place after dinner and a "PR Talk" session the girls had with my uncle. Len, joewiz and I were totally exhausted after the drive back from Gippsland and the girls waiting for me again. "Thanks again gals", especially looloo who accompanied me on the drive.. *hugz....hugz....*
Yes, you might wonder why, that bloody supervisor of mine who never ever takes in what I say or ask has emailed me in the morning to collect the thesis from him and do some amendments. I was so freakin pissed when I told him so long ago I am handing it in on 18 Nov, and am staying at Clayton not in Gippsland! He seems to absorb only what he wants to hear sometimes. I have been emailing him the thesis asking him to check throughly for the last few weeks, yet he never really answers the questions I ask. Oh well, at least we managed to exchange for a workable TV. Getting hooked on Green Tea lately, especially the one I got from Dandenong that day. Check out the infuser and the tea leaves box. The Japanese Morning Dew green tea smells so great, something of a mixture of rosewood + potpurri and it taste nice also, but it needs sugar like Joyce says, "to bring out the fragrance..."

The big rejoice and consolation is that darling's back! It feels so good to see him again and hug his teddy bear frame! And also we enjoyed the "arguments" he and joyce have usually everyday due to their different perceptions of life! Haha, and it's always like a short comedy episode, which is like entertainment for us, I reckon looloo laughed too much and tire herself more, that's why she went to sleep early too... haha..

*Anyway, just a penny for your thought* Have you ever feel sometimes that when you do something, you always think of your close friends and include them no matter what? But somehow, sometimes they choose paths they think is best for them (maybe it is?), hardly sparing a thought for you? Oh well, sometimes there are people in life you want to "keep", but somehow they are never within your reach although it seems they are so near. I remember my cousin and I were the bestest friends during our childhood, then we drifted apart during secondary school, so when I asked her to write in my autograph book that time, she left a comment which instilled a deep impression on me to this day; but we are still the closest of all cousins and make an effort to contact each other every now and then, and we meet up once a year. The comment was, "It's the place and convenience..." how true... whatever happened to "It's the people?"...