Sunday, November 20, 2005

tOtAL wOrKoUT DaY + ViSiT tO sPa aFtER gYm, iNtERnET sUcKs hErE & aWaiTiNg dArLiN'S rEtURn..

Like Joewiz mentioning in her blog, we come home everyday after gym and sit our arses in front of the computer and have plenty of time with nothing to do except to update our blogs. But, I HATE the Internet connection in this rented house! I reckon a dial-up works better than this stupid cable connection shared by 5 rooms! It's so bloody slow! Anyway, I got up at about 10am plus with a message from Len surprisingly at such an early time knowing that little piggy usually wakes up when half the day is gone. We should have made a bet about her changing her mind and coming home only tommorrow when she said she'd be home today. But then again, it's Len, so no one will lose the bet, haha.. But its all good as Timmy's sending her back (*winks*, yeah the yellow submarine is finally working again!) and we asked her to bring the TV and my Beach Mat back. Yah, looloo and liliz's TV doens't work here without a special cable and all we got was the black screen.

Anyway, today was a tiring but fruitful day! It's called TOTAL WORKOUT DAY! Working out and swimming! Geez, if only I were that "hard-working" back in Gippy too, then I probably would have trimmed off the extra layers earlier.. heehee.. First, I went to the gym with joewiz, a.k.a looloo and her bro came later, as usual.. ;) Did the normal 1 hour plus workout. Check out some photos of the gym. It has two levels and usually we are on the second level because that's where all the treadmills, steppers and cross trainers , plus cardio machines are. Ground level is more for guys where all the heavy weight lifting machines are. But I step down there for awhile too, to lift some weights to tone down the flabby arms, do abit of the hand lifting bars and back-toning lift-ups. Plus it's a change of environment to look out for cute guys lah.. But a pity, looloo and I haven't really seen a cute and muscular guy yet. 6 packs most of them got lah, but face... erm... heehee.. Anyway to me, my darling's still the most charming one, even with his big round stomach, so it doesn't really matter... *grinz*...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo the big workout day includes swimming next. The Doug Ellis pool in Clayton also has a spa/sauna/steam room and I went with Joyce only because ehem, looloo couldn't join us cause she hadn't got a new swimsuit! Can you believe it? I half-heartedly took the new FREE Bikini given by Newwoman Magazine I bought last week thinking Joyce would wear something else. But nooo! As usual that girl cannot find her swimming costume and so like TWIN sisters, we wore the same bikini and it even was the SAME colour! OmiGod, if darling was around I could picture him saying, "oh Nooo..." Haha, but it was okay, I tried finding pictures of the pool but couldn't get any except this cute shot of little kids at the pool. Picture this, it has 3 indoor heated pools, one for children, one 1 metre deep, the other varies from 1 metre to 2.1 metres deeps. We soaked in the spa for awhile, enjoying the water jets massaging our backs and then turned our stomachs there as well, (to try and disintegrate the fats) haha! Then we swam a few laps before heading off to the steam room and sauna for awhile where we heard a conversation between two uncles about going to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday from S'pore. Sats/Suns are party days for children to have birthday parties and also days where the big inflatable slide is put out on the pool! One of the sports people approached us asking if we would like to try and we were like sure! why not? Erm, but the slide was a tad too slippery for Joyce and she couldn't make her way up. As for me, once was enough lah, very embarrasing to go up second time when you have kids making their way round you..

Missing darling heaps again as usual.. Just got a call from him when I was driving back from Coles with looloo and Joyce, he just finished dinner and Hemant they all wanted to go to the beach for a swim.. So we are back home again now and tonight will be another night of reading newspapers and magazine on the table in the living room and laughing at silly things we come across and gossiping about stuff... Reckon I will sleep pretty early tonight, really exhausted and the sooner I sleep, the faster tommorrow comes and I can see darling again! :)