Monday, November 14, 2005

dA mOVE tO cLaYtoN, a HeAtED rOw aNd iMa wAiTiN tO hAnD iN mY tHeSiS!

Yess! Hypothetically I have finished my thesis! But officially, I haven't handed it up yet, it's due this Friday on the 18th of Nov and the draft is ready for my supervisor to vet through and hopefully he doesn't make much changes. I'm really sick of looking at it already! 65 long pages with 17,000 over words, I wonder how I got there too... Oh well, for now some updates for the time away:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay I know, this event has passed some time ago already, but anyway it's the MUGSU Awards Night where Student Union awards student volunteers. Congrats to Sheali who won for ISA. The date's written on the top right hand corner. Then we went bowling with Kal just a few days before he went back to SG. Not bad after not playing for so long, and he's pretty good at it as well. And now I'm blogging from our rented house in Clayton. We just roamed the whole of Monash Clayton campus today and initially we almost got lost, but it's okay after awhile. We found the gym and swimming pool and Joewiz and I are intending to go for regular workouts starting from tommorrow. Man, students at Clayton campus are spoilt, they have every facility you can imagine under one roof, yes you name it, they've got it! From banks, post office, restaurants, cinemas, hairdresser and more! And we are so jealous! Yeah, but such big campus doesn't rent out bicycles! We walked from our place to uni today, thinking like Gippsland Student Union they would rent bicycles, but darn, I reckon the Sport Centre people must be thinking what "koo-koo" people we are and which village did we come out from, fancy asking for bicycle rental!

Image hosted by Anyway, the move to the new house didn't come as smooth. On the last day(11 Nov) before we left Gippy, I swear I almost wanted to punch someone! That fella threw away Len and I's salmon and prawns worth well over AUD$15! I have been boiling mad for a long time and putting up with him long enough and the last day I had to snap! If ya wanna know he is, make a guess, a 26 yr old uncle staying in south 6. He's IMPOLITE & UNFRIENDLY(TO US)! We have a shoutoutz that day with him saying he delibrately didn't ask us before he threw it away because of the note we left in the fridge. We had cleaned the fridge and just left a note sayin we had done the cleaning, he got a problem with that and threw our stuff away in the large garbage bin to get back at us! I mean, how petty for a man, and you thought only women did that! But man it felt so good being able to scream, "FXXK U", before I left the house. [EDITED]

Image hosted by So as you can see from above, finishing exams and having nothing to do isn't a very good thing. And staying in the city area really burns more holes in your pockets faster! At Chadstone shopping that day, I just bought a Clinique Gift set with make-up bag, eye cream, eye shadow and mascara and lip gloss and a Clinique Face powder. The next day at David Jones, I got another make-up brush set and a tote bad! All in all plus rental paid, I think we spent almost AUD$1000 in like 2-3 days! And while I had my last two days marking assignments and finishing up my thesis, poor darling, Len, Joyce and Joewiz were bored shitless and entertaining themselves with board games, poker cards and singing to themselves! Anyway, love the Catholic church nearby here, has a warmth feeling to it as well and darling and Len were nice enough to keep me company on Sunday morning. It was the same one Denise and I went last year when she stayed near Clayton campus as well. Miss u gal! :( Check out the house on top. All that's left now is the impending wait where I can finally hand up my thesis on friday successfully and I'm considered totally FREE!