Friday, February 16, 2007

And yet more shopping.

As promised, more photos of my shopping! I know I'm incorrigble, I have not kept whatever promises I made about not shopping, and tubbs has said my wardobe is gonna explode soon, so did chaboh loo. Thus I have planned more sight-seeing and adventure trips in the itnerary for the Bendigo trip, to refrain from too much more shopping, although I still probably will! :P

Shopping at Target, Chain Reaction, Myers and Supree
1) Blue Blouse with ruffled sleeves: $17 from Target
2) Green sleeveless tee with girl print: $8 Chain Reaction
3) Orange Big Pony Polo Ralph tee (apparently genuine): $35 ebay
4) Bloom Body Shimmer and Body Scrub: $22 and $13 respectively (nail polish was free!)
5) Sailor design strip dress: $10 from Supree
6) Pink/white strips tube dress: $10 from Supree
7) Blue polka dot dress: $10 from Chain Reaction
8) White with red cherries dress: $10 from Chain Reaction

Shopping at Queen Vic Market and Smith Street - Nike, Addidas and Fila
1) Anna Sui lookalike wallet: $15 from Victoria Market
2) Hand made soaps that smell good enough to eat: 3 for $5 and Doggy soap: $2
3) Yellow white strips blouse: $25 from Victoria Market
4) Addidas Socks: $6 from Addidas Factory Outlet
5) Addidas Bag: $25 from Addidas Factory Outlet
6) Nike Cap: $10 from Nike Factory Outlet
7) Nike T-shirt: $25 from Nike Factory Outlet
8) Addidas T-shirt: $15 from Addidas Factory Outlet
9) Fila Socks: $7 from Fila Store Smith Street
10) Nike Bag (tubbs's vday gift): $25 from Nike Factory Outlet
11) Fila Slippers (tubb's vday gift): $10 from Fila Store Smith Street
12) Fila Shorts: $15 from Fila Store Smith Street

So there ya go, enjoy the pretty array of stuff. All prices are in Australian Dollars and Sports Factory outlets are at Smith Street, Melbourne.