Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Okay, it's a little late for well wishes, but hey, lunar new year lasts for 20 days right? So here's wishing all my family and friends who are all the way back in Malaysia and Singapore:

Happy Lunar New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chinese New Year 2007
We had our own chinese new year gathering at Lyell's house on CNY day 1. From left is Tubbs, me, Eileen, Ying, Ellen, (Forgot his name), Weiwei and Eric. Front row: Nancy, Weiwei's mum and my mum. Eileen is a new student from singapore and she's like a little sister to us, very chirpy and friendly girl. We had loads to eat as you can see and as usual we did not finish the food again. Then we played Pictionary as well, it was more of like a "shouting" match than guessing game. But it was still fun. ;) Then on day 2, we dressed Jasper up in his CNY outfit, but it was pretty hard to get it on that little fatso. *sigh*

Well, the gathering was good, but I still miss spending chinese new year back home in Malaysia/Singapore. Yes, the ang baos might be one thing, but the other important thing is being able to gather with family members and have lunch or dinner together. It's the time of the year where differences are put apart and everyone just gets down to eating, enjoying themselves and for some, gambling. I was pretty sure Chinatown in Melbourne was quite happening with the parade as well, but somehow the true atmosphere still cannot be truly felt here. If circumstances permit, I wanna spend the next chinese new year back home, home where the true spirit of chinese new year can be experienced. =)