Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My V-Day Pressie - Yoshi's Island DS and Planning to go Bendigo!

Currently playing Yoshi's Island DS . Twas the game darling got me for my V-day pressie. The funny part was that this is the first time we are actually spending V-day together in the same place, but we decided not to bother making it a big hoo-ha at all. Dinners were too expensive; They were a minimum cost of $90 bucks per person in posh restaurants here, plus mummy's around and we kinda have 2 new friends who've recently join our clique and have been hanging with us for most of the time as well. :)

Anyway, yessh I'm soooo FREE that I actually had time to go to the Yoshi's Island website for a look since I'm so hooked on the game and it is one of the highest rated games (9.2!) from GameSpot. It's one of the best adventure/platformers that I've ever played and the characters are super cute! Well, I had a hard time trying to find the wallpapers because you had to explore the whole site clicking on stuff before you can "find" 'em, so I thought I'd share with people here. Sorry though, I only downloaded the (1024 x 768 px) ones. Just click on 'em and they will open to full size.

Plus, I suddenly had a crazy idea on Monday to plan a trip for mummy before she goes back home. (Actually I myself wanted a holiday also!) Well, so I decided we should go to Bendigo! A short 3D2N trip since I can't afford to take too many days leave again. So accomodation is booked, car rental TBA by tubbs; Bendigo, here we come! And Nooooo, I haven't forgotten about the shopping I've done! The cropping and editing of the clothings and accessories is on its way! ;)