Friday, December 31, 2004

dA nEw "bLogGy", HaPpy NeW YeAr 2005 & sOmeTin BoUt Me...

Darn it feels good to be able to do anything I want again on my blog. Well I've been re-designin the whole thingy from 11pm plus and it's now already 4.30am plus. Funny I'm not sleepy yet but I know late nights give you pimples!! Eeeks!! But hyahz, nobody's face is perfect lah... Tigger and I were jokin once why izit when we critisize people of bad things like saying people fat lah, got pimples and other stuff then we get the retribution cause we get plump and pimples as well. But WHY? izit when we laugh at thin and scrawny people how come we don't lose weight and become thin like them as well huhh? Haha... Well wana wish everyone:


Yes I wanna cuddle up to you and "manja" everynight ->Sori its kinda mushy guys!
Yes I am STILL waitin for my Honors letter
Yes I still wanna go back to Melbourne badly
Yes I'm going mad shuffling between 2 countries all the time
Yes I figure I'll die of exhaustionof I stay on sg/jb for good
Yes I think I would go mad tryin to divide my time betwn my parents/BF/friends/wrk etc here
Yes my depression and emotional temperaments would get worse if I can't go back melb

Went to my dad's shop just now with my parents and was tryin to fix the computer for my dad. I know every sweet little moments and times spent with them will also make them happy. That's why I shuffle in and out of spore every 2 or 3 days just to keep my parents company as well. But it's all taking a toil on me since last time and sometimes if I could see into the future, I would have turned back the time and chose to go KL straight after O levels instead of being stuck the "borders" now. Anyway sometimes I can't figure am I more like a gal or tomboy? Wanna know why? Well:
- I used to tie my hair and stuff it in a cap when I was young and go race bicycles with boys
- Im quite a fan of RPG/WAR/EPIC games of any kind be it on PC, XBOX or Play Station
- I know a thing or two about modifying cars and their different parts and whats so ever
- I love car racing whether izit myself or sitting beside the "good" racer.
(Sshshhh, used to follow my ex and his friends for illegal car racing.)
- I'm a sturbbon arse and will use all my strength or wits to get things done like dismantling a fan, repairin the door hinges, changing light bulbs ;p and lotz of things that people stare at awe thinkin what the hell is this gal tryin to do... Okie enough for today and would update on my LANCOME job trainin another day if I have the time... Huggies people... =)


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