Monday, July 19, 2004

Finally going to Gym, Gettin a long-awaited letter & just something happy to blog about...

Suddenly feel the need to write down some happy things thus here I am again... Had my beauty sleep of 8 hours last night finally and woke up at 1pm. Met the 3 chabohs and went to the gym with them at about 3pm. Was really happy when my long-awaited letter had finally arrived today as Hannah teasingly passed it to me... No prizes for guessing who was it from as the stamp was from s'pore. Anyway, before I even got the letter, my bb couldn't keep it any longer and sort of blurted out some of the stuff when we chatted last night. Though we had a little misunderstanding during the chat last night, I do have more faith in him cause I know he's trying very hard to let me know that he loves me very much...
The letter was a sweet one though it had some "not-so-nice" stuff inside, but I know he just wanted me to know his feelings. Now then I realised he felt so insecure about me too... "Oh my god, guess you are caught in my net and stucked with me for life already I hope, bb"... We both had bad experiences in past relationships and really hope to work hard and make this one work this time, and I know we will right bb? Forgive me on being so mushy here, but I know my bb will read this, so I want the whole world to know: "I love u as much as you love me too and it just grows stronger everyday just as you do for me ok?" Okay stop being so mushy, enough I know before people can't stand it anymore.. haha... ;)
Anyway, life just gets better for me everyday as I feel really happy now; I have doting parents, the bestest friends here(u know who u all are) and my bb who loves me so much that he just can't wait for me to go back, what more can I ask for? I used to have problems with friends and especially relationships in the past during sec sch or poly, but I guess I have grown up and learn to perceive things in a different way and since I did now, I really feel lucky and never did regretted coming over moo-moo land and getting to know the great people I know now and will never lose touch with forever... The only things problems I might have are probably with being stress with school work, assignments and stuff but awww, they will eventually go away... Oh and yah, "Diet, Diet, Diet, perservere to slim down more before SRA ball and keep it that way!" which I don't really believe I can do it anyway... shucks... =
Darn, hate getting kept in suspense but longy just msgged just now saying that he got len and I something not so great but for us cause he owed us. We were hoping it wasn't the guinea pig cause we are getting it this thursday. Wondering what it is actually but we'll know when we pop over their place tonight for a chat... so meanwhile be kept in suspense first... Hyahz, gotta go print my notes and timetable and shit I have all 9am classes in tues, thurs and fris. Spoil my thurs "Saloon night"... But who cares, len and I were saying we'll probably still go anwyay.. haha..