Sunday, July 18, 2004

S2 Orientation, busying with fun & sending mum off @ airport.

The last week of holidays were spent helping out with the semester 2 orientations, doing the draft for the coming ISA newsletter and enjoying the last of the holidays with shopping and hanging out with new friends... Though this semester's intake was only about 20 plus students, it probably was a good thing cause everyone seem of like bonded closer together. The new students that Len and I interact with eventually became a bunch of friends we could hang out with now and they really are a cute and funny lot. (with 1 or 2 annoying ones though). Oh, the ISA dinner was almost ruined by the Student Union staff, but we managed to salvage the situation luckily by bringing the students to Chen's Restaurant in Traralgon. I felt so guilty as usual cause I just couldn't resist more chocolate cake even though I already shared one with Evon!
Picked Sheali and Joewiz from Morwell on friday and by coincidence a new china girl student that I met that day in school was also on the same train as them. She was embarressed about getting a ride from me, but I told her it was no problem... Those 2 chabohs bought a real big and sweet pink flower for len... Night was a dinner treat I gave my mum and Len at Larpocheta in Traralgon. We had wanted to go to Imis ->the cafe tigger celebrated her birthday, but it was booked and people were having a function or something. Too bad Tigger couldn't come along for the dinner cause she was busy with her sushi's =)
My mum just went back on Saturday and so I drove her down to airport with Lenore and later met the others in Melbourne central. "Longy" as we call one of them in the bunch drove his own car down with us and back to moo-moo land at night too. Len and I fell in love with identical gowns we saw in a shop near Myers and we each bought a different colour. The whole other time shopping, the only thing on my mind was what to get for my bb. Think of him everyday and just can't wait to get back sg to see him again. Guess both of us get kinda "too" love sick sometimes, yeah bb? ;p Darn, I gotta stop cramming everything into one entry; So sick that school is starting again, but the best thing that spurs on the new semester is the meeting of the new bunch of friends with len and we are sure it'll turn out pretty well with them... =)  Sometimes, I couldn't help but think about how fortunate I am with a bunch of good friends here and knowing my bb loves me so much even though we are so far apart at the moment... Oops, ill stop before I go on being too mushy... (",)