Monday, July 26, 2004

Saloon 1st week culture and City "Clubbin" Trip.

Im just getting so lazy updating my blog these days that sometimes when I do login and wana write something, I have to take a moment to recap what the hell I did for the last few days... Anyway, last thursday was the 1st week of uni and the culture for most students to turn up at Saloon at night. Was actually thinkin about whether to go or not but eventually turn up with len and kiddo anyway. As usual, familiar sights were caught everywhere and of course some new faces. Danced and drank a little as usual, but it was really packed thus we left around 1.30am plus. Got home and chatted with bb till I slept bout 5am... It was expected then that I didn't turn up for 9am tutorial the next day...

Went down to city on friday cause len and I wanted to try out clubbin in the discos there, but the events that followed turned out that it was just not our weekend... Kiddo was on guest list with his friend, but the Q was longer than expected and we went late, thus with the 1 1/2 hr line-up at AMBER, we eventually got so pissed off and left cause they announced it was full house. Darn, my throat was getting worse, so I skipped the drinking session in the room while the 3 of them got kinda high and did some hilarious stuff.. =) Sat afternoon was having lunch at Chapel Street and also did some window shopping because almost everything there was way to expensive to buy and it was really a good thing I didn't set eyes on anything. Evening was going to the Uniting Church at Glen Waverly cause Kiddo wanted us to try out the church he used to go to when he was studying high school last time. It was a nice and lively experience, but I still prefer the old and traditional ceremony in my catholic church though...

Sat night was supposed to be another try at clubbin and we just managed to get into the front door in NEXT BLUE at Crown when we had to turn out again cause kiddo's attire wasn't accepted by the bouncers there. Well, so much for the "clubbin" nights which we thought we learnt a lesson and probably try some other time maybe... Was supposed to meet my cousin Stef on Sun for lunch but the timing and venue weren't suitable so we decide to cancel it. Went shopping at Chadstone and finally managed to get the presents for my bb's birthday, so now I can stop fretting about what to get for him... (,")