Sunday, July 04, 2004

Sydney trip (Contd... Day 2 and 3)

Back to my Sydney Trip - My mum and I took a train from the Kogarah Station near my aunty's house to Sydney central. Upon reaching Circular Quay, I couldn't help but started taking photos of the lovely views of the Sydney Bridge and Opera House upon alighting from the train which was directly facing the Sydney Harbour. The first thing that attracted us was the Harbour Cruise which lasted an hour, bringing us round the nearby coast and telling us the history of Sydney Harbour. Sydney's temperature was definitely warmer than Melbourne but the it was rather chilly during the cruise because of the strong sea breeze...

Next stop was to the Sydney tower and taking the Sky tour. The 360 degree views from the tower provided a magnificent view of the whole of Sydney with telescopes zooming in on famous landmarks and places. The Sky tour was a little bit more for kids though with the virtual reality movies and stuff. As the sky was already turning dark when we got out, my mum and I just walk the streets of the central and shop around as we headed back towards the train station. Feeling that the day past too fast and I wouldn't have time to see enough if I didn't plan, the night was thus spent planning the whole of next day's itinerary... The first thing was get up early @ 8am!

As usual we took the train down to Circular and the first place of attraction was to "The Rocks" - a row of uniquely designed shophouses of clothings and food. Then we went on to have a closer view of the Opera House, Botanical Gardens, St. Mary's Cathedral, Hay Market, Market City and Star Casino. Lunch was at Hard Rock Cafe and of course buying of hard rock t-shirts. Glad the "Regular Rocker" card gave a 10% discount which was not too bad... Managed to finish all that I had wanted to see, but still missed out on a few places and shopping especially. Definitely would want to go visit Sydney again if there's a chance at the end of the year...