Thursday, July 01, 2004

Sydney Trip and clearing up a rather "BIG" misunderstanding

Just got back from my Sydney Trip about 2 hours ago and boy was I tired with all the travelling and stuff. Someone came over to find me a little earlier than the said time and I was happily interrupted during dinner to finally be able to see him and give him a big hug! No prizes for guessing who that was. Anyway one of the first topic we talked was about the SMS argument I had with his friend about the car stuff. He somehow asked me to ignore the whole matter and let him settle it. But I didn't heed his advice and called up for a chat instead because the whole thing had been bugging me throughout the whole Sydney Trip... "Sorry bout doing that though..."

Anyway, guess I was wrong about his friends regarding the car stuff and owe one of them an apology(u know who u are). Oh bother, what a silly thing to have bad blood just because of a moving metal thing! But it was still a matter of misunderstanding which caused me to think otherwise that time and made me demanded something which I actually didn't have much right to. Had cleared up things with the car owners and was glad that she felt it wasn't my fault cause I had been withholded some truth. I'm not gonna explain too much here anymore cause I was too naived in the past thinking only my close friends read my blog; But actually news travels too fast around this little campus... And this bloody website really landed me in loads of trouble too many times, so next time - NO MORE CONFIDENTIAL STUFF... (*-*)

Back to some happy stuff during my Sydney trip. Reached Sydney about 12.15am on Tuesday and met my uncle and auntie who had lived in Sydney most of their lives. Had lunch at a yacht sailing club with them and evening was spent shopping in the Westfield shopping centre. Couldn't go down to Sydney Central that day cause it'll be too late by then as my relative's house weren't really close to the city... (to be contd..)