Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Horse Riding, Cherishing our precious time left, Temporary Good Bye?

Last friday I went for a Horse riding trip organized by the Monash Intl'. The trip was supposed to be a 1 1/2 hr one which turned out to be 2 hours cause the drive lost her way and it a long and tiring trip all the way to the outskirts of Bairnsdale. However, the horse riding was an enjoyable one even though my hands and groins hurt so much the next day. It was really my first time really trying to control a horse all by myself and I finally realised it isn't so nice after all with all the bouncing and stuff...

Anyway the last few days were spent treasuring time with someone cause he was going back to s'pore on the 5th. I realised now his feelings has deepen and he seem more serious than me about continuing our relationship end year when I go back s'pore. I can't help but feel a little confused about the change cause he seemed so unsure about us in the first place. "Im sorry if you read this baby... Cause I still need time to completely have faith in you..." He even had the crazy idea of asking me to fly back with him to s'pore for 2 weeks before school starts and I really did had the sudden urge to go with his idea, but then we realised it was really not worth wasting the money... Just a little note to people out there, "Go all out to show the person how much you love him/her, it would somehow touched his/her heart. One fine day you'll be surprised at how a person could fall in love with you just cause of the little things you did for him/her. Well at least it did, for me... ;)

Yesterday was his flight back s'pore. We spent the last night before he went back kind of romantically somewhere watching movies and talking alot... (Sorry no further details about that!) Haha, his friends caused a little panic cause while he had to catch his 4pm flight, we still stopped at Crown at 2pm for the buffet and was joking that he could jolly well stay on here and no need to go back cause the plane will fly away and not wait for him... =) Anyway he did go back and it wasn't untill he called at night to say he had safely reached home that I felt the sudden emptiness and kinda miss him already... Aww, this shall be the test of time in our relationship then... (-.-)