Saturday, June 26, 2004

Chadstone shopping, a little insecurity, a little argument

Friday was the shopping trip to Chadstone shopping centre my mum, Tigger and her housemates. Dropped off the CD with the edited photos to the media room before we left round 9.30am plus. The journey was as usual long and tiring and we finally reached Chadstone at round 11.30am plus I think. It was really large and there were lots of food stalls and of cause loads of shops as well. Due to Tigger's craving for sushi, we all had sushi for lunch which was quite nice actually...

Anyway shopping was split up into 3 groups with my independent mum going off alone, me with Tigger and her other 2 housemates together. Went shopping crazy again today and got great bargains from MNG, Sports Girl, Esprit, FCUK etc... The feeling of contentment was indescribable with so many new stuff even before I go Sydney this Monday. Couldn't talk to Ph again the whole day since last night as he said the network was really poor at the place he's in now. But I couldn't help wonder how come a handphone could have the reception to ring but can't hear anything at all when answered and can't even send a little short msg. How come he can't even bother to lend his friend's hp just to make a short call because I do believe the main problem lies in his own mobile instead. Tigger told me not to be too sensitive cause she noticed I had change the wallpaper on my mobile phone.

Back home at round 8pm just now and was really tired. Though I got his msg earlier it didn't really help much cause talking to him would have really been much better. Had wanted to use the car on Sunday to pick Denise and mum to church cause I feel bad always having to trouble Tigger, but unexpectedly something happened that really pissed me off. One of the so-call owners of my boyfriend's car actually told me she had the priority to hog the car because Ph got the car to compensate them. I had thought the car was free to use during his whole trip cause he said it was ok and now I couldn't even use it for ONE day! It would have been better if he had gave them the $500 each and bought a car for himself rather than having people think he's obliged to let them use his car now. I wouldn't have been so angry if she hadn't had been so selfish and showed some concern and finding an alternative instead of assuming she totally owns the car.

Just when you most needed that someone, he/she always cannot be reached. I felt so down when my mum sarcastically said I was so useless in arguing with people. That just wasn't me cause I don't like to blow things up. Another reason that I hate to admit was that I actually didn't have faith in Ph; meaning I have no idea what his thinking is at all and whether or not he'll stand up for me during situations like this... Anyway, I don't need people to think I have to be so hard up for a car. I could get one if I really pestered my parents; guess ill just return him the spare key when he returns and want to have nothing more to do with it... (*r*)


gemmy said...

hey sa.. it's not that i dun wanna inform u.. but i just dunno how to email so many ppl leh.. haha.. stupid right.. i posted it up on frdster.. thinkin u ppl will see it mah..
btw, how do i add u in my fellowship? i would certainly love to u know.. how's life in aus man... U lookin really happy now..~ so happy for ya seriously...!!!!

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