Friday, October 08, 2004

Gown Photo-Taking Day and someone is still as special - not there yet but getting to it...

Yesterday was the gown photo-taking day for us students who are graduating this semester. How weird is it to wear your graduation gowns when you haven't even finished exams yet! Anyway, didn't know how you were supposed to put the "hangin bunch of threads" from the graduation hat or whatever you call it. It should be at in the front part if you haven't graduated and only at the back when you have gotten your degree, but anyway people were swinging them in all sorts of directions. Hahaha... ;p Well, Len was kinda "hired" as my photographer yesterday and we went taking photos around campus, at the facultys' and also with my lecturers as well. Disappointed that my multimedia lecturer from England wasn't around for a photo. He was a good lecturer who really knows how to make lectures more interesting.

The event yesterday brought back the memory of bb's graduation last sem and out of the blue I had the sudden urge of givin him a call, which I did anyway ;) and told him I wished he was here to take photos in the graduation gown with me. It was really tiring to wear the gown from 11am plus in the mornin to 4.30pm cause of the different group photo-taking sessions, but it was all good since it was a special event that doesn't happen everyday... Some nice shots with my friends...

Had another few hour long conversation with bb yesterday and we talked about some other things bout our relationship other than the usual stuff. We confessed that we were really afraid about how we would react when we meet again. But we came to a conclusion that there were still feelings there, it might just need time and effort to get things back. And from the things he have done and attitude towards our relationship which even our friends can't believe, only someone silly would give him up. It's also comforting to know that whenever friend's ask us how we are doing, we also know of each other's whereabouts and the things. Ironically though I'm unsure how much I feel for him now, I still told my mum's that unless he gives me up, I won't give him up and didn't know he actually did the same thing. So sick to know that exams are coming soon and I still have 2 assignments to go, guess i better get to it now... =[