Tuesday, October 19, 2004

First meeting for ISA 2005 Committee + Help, what should I do?

Last night was the first meeting for the 2005 ISA committee and boy it sure lasted long from bout 5pm to 8.45pm. No guesses as to why it took that long cause few of us already foresee future problems they were gonna have. Apparently, the new "xx" wasn't too popular and some people already had the thought of quitting after the first meeting. It just goes to show how important teamwork, communication and understanding is in a committee - which was what made ISA Committee S2-2004 more popular and well-known. I guess they need to get to know each other better and compromise more to keep it going. Well or maybe some people just aren't meant to be leaders; imagine planning things without setting a budget, dedicating work to everyone except yourself, not givin people a chance to speak up and etc. Anyway, not much of my business, just pity my friends and good luck to them next sem...

Well, woke up at 9am and tried to do some studying of ISM at the library. Was okay but didn't really go much into it. Now, Im still vexed about the stayin on in gippy next year or the going back s'pore stuff. Got an email from my ladyboss just awhile ago cause she had a position for me at the end of the year. All the more I feel guilty if I ever have to tell her I'm not going back to work -> Her email was tellin me about how things are since the office moved to its new location and also how cosy the marketing dept. was now, at the attic and -> how I would like it. Guess I'll force myself to think about it after exams. But hehe, must help advertise the company abit:

Ok, enough of bloggin, still gotta do abit of the ISA newsletter(last issue) and then go try and study some more.... And shit I better try to stop snacking... (*-*)