Saturday, October 23, 2004

YeT AnOtHeR bOrINg StUdy DaY + sOme SiMplE PleAsUreS oF Life

Just woke up from a nap that I thought I was gonna sleep through till mornin. Well, fri was an unfruitful day cause I just couldn't get any studyin done at all... Went to library at 3pm forgetting that they close at 5pm on fri's. So Tigger, Longy and I went to Midvalley - Safeway instead. Dropped by Mobil on the way back for a car wash cause someone needed to de-stress himself from the exams. Tigger and I almost froze waitin outside and that smart fella had to try and spray us with water! Tried getting back at him but the wind wasn't on our side...

Got a call from Student Rez in the mornin tellin me that I've got shortlisted for an interview for SLO next year. Darn, sometimes these things happen and it makes it even worst about the choices you've gotta make. Ok, put everything away and fret about exams first... Anyway, got a little annoyed just now. Don't you sometimes just hate it when you ask someone a question and the person either doesn't reply it, or replies something else still not answerin the question and finds an excuse or some sort? Sometimes you thought you knew a person very well, but apparently not most of the time. It's only when certain things happen that you see the real them and wonder if you even knew them at all...

Well, running away from things doesn't help most of the time and somehow we've gotta face it one day... So now Im better not be running off from my books and go face them now... (0,0)