Monday, October 25, 2004

cLoUdy SuNriSe, gEtTin bCk MysElf & 1st ExAm...

4 silly people went out at 5.30am in the mornin to the Hazelwood Power Station Pondage and thought they could try and catch the sunrise after all the stress of exam studyin on Sat only to see dark grey clouds hovering above. One "uncle" went about checkin his car engine and 3 others walk up to the water for abit, hang around for awhile before going bck uni. Yes, I was one of the silly people... (-.-) Tried studyin whole day after that and it just felt so "sucky"!

Anyway, I figured I got lost in another world or had a split personality the last 2 weeks that I couldn't believe I could actually bear to hurt someone that obviously still means so much to me. Yes -> that's ph = bb. I reckon people tend to regret about something only when they have totally lost them, but Im lucky I still managed to get him back and never gonna let go again. Guessed I hurt him lots by tellin him I wanted to stay on for honours next year. It wasn't until the hostile behaviour he gave me that day that I felt I missed him so much. Glad I got myself back almost and him as well. Whatever it was that came over me that time, I don't want it to come again. Tigger was kinda shocked too that time but she told me he probably is annoying in the way he says and answers things, but she can feel that I mean alot to him. And I guess I could feel it too, maybe sometimes he just needs to put his ego aside for abit when it comes to loves one...

Now that Im more or less decided on what I want, I got myself into another problem-> how to skip the SLO Interview in the comin Monday. We'll decide that for later. Had the first paper today; It was ISM and darn how could I have imagined that the paper was to end at 1pm when the actual ending time was 12.30pm. Guess the "not enough sleep" caught up with my brain and shit I didn't have time to finish all the questions though my hand was already aching from all the writing... Anyway, glad that going back to the sweet talkin to bb helps and hope I can study hard for the other papers as well... [^.^]