Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Day trip to city, Jap Fair on Sunday and boy I really hate my indecisiveness sometimes...

Went down to city on Sat to collect my air tickets and then walk around a little. Kinda got a little itchy feeling after the Canberra trip to casino and thus went to Crown to play roulette for abit. Was grumbling for the whole time we were findin parkin cause we barely passed the 1/2 hr and had to pay $10 bucks for the carpark! Don't know why probably was Longy's luck, he won money with his last chip which his instinct told him to put on number 20. Anyway my first bet was on my birthday 23 and since makin abit after the first round, we decided to head off. One of the sales staff approached us to sign up for the Crown membership... He told us about the Floral Display as well where flowers were arranged beautifully into animals:

After mass on Sunday, Tigger and I went to the Japan Fair at the Kernot Hall opp. McKers. It wasn't really much to expect as most of the stalls were set up by the locals and didn't have much things. Even the food was non-japanese... Wasn't in a good mood that day and something been's bothering me lately. If I could have a wish now, I'd wish time to pass more slowly so that I have time to do my things! It's so scary to know that in a flash, one semester is already almost finished and exams are coming soon. Last semester seemed to pass so slowly... Apart from the dedication to my friends in the newsletter, I still want to tell my best friends, "Im already startin to miss you pple even before I go back!" (U know who u are).

Had a chat with my mum on Sunday night because I was discussing with her a saint's name to choose for my baptism. We talked about something and in the end she asked why I was always so indecisive. Weird, didn't know Ariens had that kind of trait though... Was shocked to find out in a Horoscope book that Tigger and I found: Leo's and Arien's are not compaitable at all. They could be partners who you just could have fun with. No wonder all the past relationships all never turn out quite right, I got encounter with too many Leo's that I reckon I got phobia of them already. Not to say that Im so hooked on astrology stuff, but some things are so coincidental that it really scares you... Just handed up my multimedia assmnt awhile ago and guess I better go sleep now... (-.-)