Sunday, December 05, 2004

1 WeEk HoLs iN MeLbOuRne BeForE sTaRt Of wOrK & jUst a NAiVe LitL GaL.

Yes, just got back from church and would be going in s'pore soon cause I'm going back Melbourne for a week to spend some time with Tigger and for our Adelaide Trip. Did my last min packin and can't remember if I have forgotten to bring anything along and was tellin Tigger if I idi, I'm gonna get it from her haha... Have some much things to tell her and update her about. Miss ya too Len, Miko, Timmy, can't wait to see ya guys!

Well, to an extent I have been very direct in my blog in the past but recently I have a certain amount of constrain to what I say because of some promise that I will keep. That "some" thing was supposed to come to a conclusion and I actually wished that going away for the week would let me forget him when he made his choice. Well, apparently he made up his choice, but the "problem" is still not solved. I try hard to understand him, to give him time but there's a certain limit to my patience which I'm still tryin hard to contain and yah I would hear what he has to say to me later. There are some things that affect me right now, but anyway I won't start fighting like some little girl cryin for sweets out there.

Nothing much needs to be said, as I would have given him up if he was willing to let me go ages ago. Knowing him so well with the short but 'long' time we spent, he needs someone around to love and take care of him. Even if I weren't there, there would be someone else to do that. There are lots of things I know and I will keep my word in not letting it out. We'll just see who gets the last laugh. Whatever is meant to be will be meant to be, I have learnt this through past relationships. I won't hold on to something if it doesn't belong to me. Even if I'm not going back Gippsland next year, I would be glad if there's another girl willing to take care of this sweet, caring, funny BUT kinda indecisive and too soft-hearted guy, which I know THERE WOULD BE... (",)

Love isn't meant to be a possesion, rather seeing him happy and being able to be himself is what brings a smile to the heart...