Wednesday, December 08, 2004

a NiCe XmAs mOviE, sHopPin tOo mUcH & A pOeM fRoM mY tHoUgHts...

Denise's out now for her Ceremic Course in Monash Clayton. Haha, so cute of this girl to learn such things and I was asking her to bring one of her molded stuff back for me. Anyway, we went to see the movie "Christmas with the Kranks" just now and it was a kinda nice and touching movie. The xmas decorations were so lovely in the States that we wished one day we would be able to celebrate xmas there. The show potrayed people who wanted to skip christmas look bad and made it looked like such a sin not to celebreate christmas. Overall, it was funny and the feeling of christmas just overwelmed us so much after that.

Well, so much for telling myself to spend less when Denise and I just couldn't resist ourselves again when shoppin in FCUK today. Well, I had thought that my shopping desires have left me cause I didn't see anything I like much back in s'pore/JB. How was I to know back in Melbourne, I was back to my shopping craze again -> erm which is kinda a bad thing. Enough of swiping my Commonwealth Bank and someone's ANZ Bank ATM cards, so I used my credit card which is also a bad thing as well cause I haven't even gone to Adelaide yet!

Thank god time passes kinda fast cause we are really gonna go real broke if we continue shoppin like this everyday. So Adelaide, here we come tomorrow. Darn it's a 9am flight and guess how early we have to wake up to get to the airport. Denise and I are lookin forward to tryin out the Haigh's chocolate tasting and the Christmas Displays by the Riverbank + more shopping? Damn, no wonder I kinda punish myself to start work the very next day after my flight back s'pore so I won't feel so guilty... ;p

So Im supposed to be havin a great time here, but somehow there's still a heavy weight that I feel in my heart I don't know why.

You show your love with words everyday,
I lost my heart when you broke it that day,
You said you honestly made up your mind,
I am still afraid though, knowing your kind,

You want me to trust and give you my all,
I need time coz Im scared again, to fall,
You finally opened "us" to the world,
I hope too, this would end in a fairytale.