Thursday, December 16, 2004

JuZ LaZiN Da DaY aT hOmE & ThOuGhtS iN mY aLmoSt iNsAnE MiNd...

Been lazing around at home today playin my Heros III game and trying to get things done like I'm supposed to unpack my luggage from my Melbourne trip, transfer some photos from my mobile to the laptop, reply some of the emails from my lecturers. -> None of these I have done though except for the gaming part. Apart from that, was also trying to get my mind of the many unhappy things on my mind that even avoiding "it" isn't much of a help.

Imagine how it feels like to be maligned by people and being called a third party, a b*i*ch and every damn horrible word you could think of just because at first, the guy was afraid to admit to his then-GF that he was the one with the roving eyes first. So, he cooly push the blame to the girl sayin that she liked him first which resulted in what's happened today. So now he's changed his words and she doesn't believe him-> obviously because all she would think is that he's tryin to defend the girl. Sometimes I wonder why did I let myself get into this shit.

I had a job waiting for me, a then-loving BF who loves me, with all the C's a women could want and those boyish looks, if only he didn't disappoint me in some ways or another, yes my life would be perfect now. Honestly, do I look like the type who desperately needs to go out to get da guys, NO, I don't have a need for that. People around me would know very well. Anyway, maybe I should remove the comments section from my blog as well, maybe I will not. Well, I'm kinda so immuned to what's written that I don't wanna bother about it anymore. This is my blog anyway, I should have the right to do anything I want here, just don't know why I bother about some people's feelings when they don't deserve it at all sometimes...

Love bringin my dog bambam for walks. Going out for walks kinda relaxes your mind and helps you get it off unhappy things. He's the bestest friend you could ever have, showing you his cute face when you're sad, lickin your tears when you cry and putting his paw on you when you're unhappy.


vanessa said...

first of all. shut your fucking mouth.
second of all. what we say on your site is by all means what we wanna say to you. so stop making excuses cuz you wanna let your inner bitch go.
thirdly, don't ever mention me on your site, EVER. when you don't even know me. i don't know you either but stop fucking with my cousin.
and fourthly. she's over it. so get over it.

Anonymous said...

hey babe,len here. hang in there k.i know its hard.always here for you *huggies*

Anonymous said...

Dear Mel,
It must be really frustrating to hear these really mean stuff about you.
But it must be even more difficult to ACT frustrated and to be the innocent party here.
Gees, my heart really goes out to you, to hear to pretend to be all upset and everything.
OF COURSE, its not all your fault.
Some other fox would have come along and taken this little confused and I-CAN-NEVER-MAKE-UP-MY-MIND lamb of yours but still, cherrios for doing the honours.