Sunday, December 19, 2004

wHaT aM i tiNkiN aBoUt? i sHouLd hAv rEmOvE eVerY cOmMedAbLe tHinG iN dA 1sT pLacE!

Why do Elva, Landy and Ocean Ou's song still remind me of him sometimes? Why did I msg him when I was unhappy? "You told me to be strong, take care and sweet dreams." "Why did we have to quarrel the last week before I came back?" WHY? WHY? WHY? "Do ya even know how much pain and hurt it cost me now?" "Do ya know I wish we could turn back time?"

Hate you:
for not being there at the right time, much earlier or much later,
for making me live in a dream till almost the last month before I came back,
for leaving me all alone and choosing to go back sg when I most needed u,
for your ego, your bluntness and your mis-judgement

Hate myself:
for not being there at the right time, much earlier or much later,
for not choosing to go back sg with you and finish it up all there instead,
for not loving you enough cause we were barely together for 2 months,
for giving you up when the other couldn't protect me as much as u did and
I still have to forgive him for something I don't wanna forgive.

Sometimes why don't I just heed my friend's advice and remove anything that people can leave their "NOT-WELCOME" comments which would hurt me even more. But, I'm really so tired, I really am so tired of everything and I mean everything. The impending reply from my lecturer, the chore of havin to look around for a temp job when all my ex bosses want perm staff and so many more things.

And to other IRRELEVANT KPO's who are so obsessed in reading my blog everyday, I have removed the comments section as well, so you can BLOODY GET OUT OF MY BLOG AND MY LIFE!