Monday, December 06, 2004

bLogGin fRoM mELbOuRnE & bEiNg hUmBLy qUiEt aBoUt sOmE tHinGs

A happy feeling came over as I stepped out of Melbourne Airport, familiar things and thoughts came into my mind and it was weird as though that was "home" instead, just that wished my loved ones came with me as well. Anyway the flight was a long and tiring one, couldn't sleep much on the plane and was either watchin movies or playin mario bros. Tried to finished watchin a french movie called "Tais Tav" or something and can't help but thought about the verse someone always tease me about from the movie "Moulin Rouge".

Back in Denise's rented place in Clayton. Quite a nice and cosy 2-storey house with 5 rooms but transport isn't that convenient though. Well, having a direct bus from here to Chadstone isn't neccesarily a good thing cause yah, I spent like $100 in one day on shopping plus recharging my optus card. Boy the weather sure is hot in Summer here and I could feel the sweat trinkling down my body during the nap. Planning to go Boxhill for a visit cause Tigger just wants to check out the place and I was telling her that Wed would be rest day else I'll be more than broke even before I go for our Adelaide Trip.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" -> It certainly affects only some special people. =)

Yes I agree going back S'pore was not such a good idea
Yes if only we could return to Gippsland now was the best thing
Yes we didn't mean or want to hurt anyone
Yes god lets everything happen for a reason
Yes I thank god for all the precious things he gave
Yes a huge "price" to pay for came with something