Wednesday, December 08, 2004

iTs pRetTy bOrEd hEre aNd tHouGhts BouT teLLin tOo mUcH...

Counting the days down to our Adelaide Trip is like such a torture for Denise and me as we try hard to console ourselves and hope that each day passes faster cause it's so damn boring. Ok, people complain too much about life -> when there's sometin around to do like studies or work, they complain that it's stressful and want a break. When there's nothing to do and lots of free time, people complain that it's boring -> people like us, haha...

We went to Boxhill Central as said today and met Max and Cheryl there. Did nothing much and just the usual shoppin and eatin. Guess the more I try not to spend, the more I will not keep to it, so I decide to use the excuse of rewardin myself after years of hardwork and just use a plastic rectangular-shaped thing called a "credit card". ;p Well, at least it helped us kill time and boy were we happy to reach home at 7pm, had dinner and laze the remainin time off. Had been planning the itinerary for the Adelaide trip since yesterday and finally got the attractions sorted out. Can't wait to go for the holiday soon, get it over and done so I can go back s'pore, get my life back when I start workin.

Had been checking my uni mail for the past few days since results are out and though I have calculated that my grades are eligible for Honors, there's still sometin stirring about in my heart which is makin me feel uneasy. Darn my lecturers all could not aid further in marks of the past papers so I'm still keeping my fingers cross.

Apart from that, I pondered over some stuff and felt that it was a silly thing to show all over my blog in the past my obsession over someone, when in the end it was not meant to be at all. The photos, the poems, the love quotes, everything about him till everyone thought I was crazy over him -> well I thought I was, at that time. Then I realized that "Love at first sight" is not such a good thing afterall and it was better to fall in love with a person slowly, i.e. after findin out his character, his behavior and personality.