Monday, June 07, 2004

1st exam paper disaster, studying for tom's database mgmt paper.

Barely slept four hours for my first paper - gco3807project mgmt. today and was in fact quite full of confidence when waiting outside the exam room. But the moment I read the first page of the paper, I knew it was a gone case. My exam script was I could say 40% blank. Even though I skipped most of the structured questions and jumped over to the calculation ones, there was still not enough time to finish everything! Some of the questions asked were not highlighted in lectures and there was no time at all to figure out how to answer the ambigious calculation questions. I almost wanted to cry when I was out of the exam hall. This was one paper that I left so many blanks! It wasn't that I didn't study at all, the questions asked were just so out of the planet!

Didn't have any mood to eat anything at the cafe and headed back home to take something before I hit the pillow and went to sleep. Woke up an hour later and here I am in the com lab blogging and checking emails before going to the library later to study for tomorrow's paper. I still can't get over the exam paper earlier even though Ph had tried talking to me just now. The thing keeps running through my mind.

Guess tonight will be straight home after library, take my dinner and back to the books again. Hopefully I don't fall asleep. And wish myself best of luck for tomorrow's exam paper. I will def. break down if tomorrow's one is a disaster again. (Touch wood) it won't. Anyway Im not in a good mood today, so I hope I don't get any disturbances tonight when Im studying, else Im gonna start shouting already! (*0*)

Now am back at home and the Internet is finally working. Instead of studying, here I am editing my blog. Time passes too fast sometimes. Ph and I haven't got much time left to spend together. I guess that's why he's been wanting to accompany me more this few days. I just don't have the heart to turn him down even though I know he's a distraction. Think I'll just have to force myself to concentrate on my studies still... Sad.. Gonna bath now and it's back to my books again... (+_+)


Anonymous said...

hey babe....all the best for you papers yea. dont worry too much about your paper today. its done and over so dont think too much about it anymore. concentrate on your upcoming papers and im sure you'd do fine. you have my prayers and love...*hugs*...len