Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Groceries Day, Com Lab Blogging, Study Night

I woke up before my alarm rang today cause of the pill again. Went to wash my clothes and gave a call to Ph at round 11.30am. Guess he was tired and so he said to meet at 12.30pm plus instead as he needed another 1/2 hour's sleep. I waited round 12.50pm and msgged him that Im going to foodworks myself when he knocked on my door. Heard him extending the date of his flight to July 5. When I asked him for reason, he said he just didn't want to rush right after coming back from Alice Springs and no other reason. Sometimes I can't help but feel he's really unfeeling and cold... Anyway since I told myself to not think so much, I try not to bother then...

We had lunch at the cafe in foodworks and later went to get some groceries and stuff. It was really a nice feeling of your BF having the patience to walk around with you while you get your things. My ex was always so impatient that I had phobia going out shopping or even doing some simple marketing with him. Afternoon was spent going to com lab to check my emails, edit my EMIT article and updating my blog. I was supposed to go home at 5pm to do some studying but the editing of my EMIT article took up extra two hours of my time because I decided to change the whole topic.

Reached home at round 7pm and was thinking about what to have for dinner when I realised I bought meat and veggies but forgot about rice or noodles to go with them. Msgged Ph that I felt so silly and he appeared behind my back with a packet of vermicilli, that was sweet of him. He will probably be happy if he sees this cause as usual he says I write "not-so-nice" things about him most of the time.. Haha... Tried to continue my studies at night but can't help missing someone a little, so I went over to find him for awhile. Had to admit that we are distractions to each other, so after awhile I decide to go home to study instead... slept at round 3am... +|