Tuesday, June 08, 2004

2nd paper - much better, network up again, hooked on net

Couldn't bear the thought of getting out the exam hall dishearted again, so I stayed up till 5am last night and slept like only 2 hours just to study for the 2nd paper. Thank god it was really much better and I managed to finish almost all questions except leaving out abit here and there. Anyway my head was real dizzy and my brain was really exhausted, but it was worth the hard work... Wana say a big "Thank You" to all those who cared and wished me luck for the exams, that had been really encouraging.

Went to student rez to find out about the pricing for the south units and their availability. Back home in the afternoon and the network was finally up again. Didn't really have the chance to suft the net last night, and so was hooked on it the whole afternoon till evening when I was supposed to get some sleep. Someone turned up wit mcD dinner, that was sweet cause I thought he had forgotten. Guess the strain was getting on me and I was in a kind of bad mood. The thoughts of his departure coming soon didn't help much either. I'm still angry at the fact that it just wasn't fair we had so little time together... (&_&)

Think I'm getting sick with all the stress and not having enough sleep. I have a bad sore throat which doesn't seem to be getting better. Guess all I need now is a good sleep and lots of rest. Chatted with my mum over the phone just now. She just came back from KL after attending my cousin's wedding with my relatives. Really miss my cute little nephew and niece too... I actually do miss lots of people, my family and friends back in s'pore and m'sia. Hyahh, if only I had bought a 2-way ticket, I would have gone back during the june holidays... =|