Friday, June 11, 2004

Crazy studying @ home last 2 days, 3 down - 1 paper to go!

Busy studying at home the last two days... Went to gym on wednesday because I feeling really bulky since I haven't been had a workout for more than a week already. Found out that it was cheaper taking a 3mth gym membership and it could be paid in 3 installments. Going to the gym during lunch time was a good idea cause I got the whole gym to myself for more than 1/2 hour. Lunch was with Ph at foodworks and usual buying of some groceries after that. Wanted to try our luck in the 9 million tattersalls powerball lottery out on thursday, but the numbers we got were no where close to the winning number at all -> sadz... =(

Wednesday afternoon was spent studying in library and dinner was done by me cause Ph had his last paper on thursday. Was glad that his last paper was ok and he was real happy he had finished all his papers. Thursday was spent studying at home whole day with someone happily sleeping in bed while I was in the living room studying like crazy. Looking at my multimedia notes almost made me went mad. Ginnie and I tried out the past year papers till 3.30am plus and I later went on to explain to Hannah abit on some of the notes. Went to bed at 6am and woke up at 8am cause my paper was 9.30am. My brain's really exhausted. Fortunately the paper was still quite alright and finally, 3 papers down and 1 last one to go next tuesday.

Had wanted to spend the day with someone cause we both had no time for each other the last two days, but was warned by him to go get some sleep. Couldn't help the temptation to go online after he went out so here I am updating my blog and its design. Finally done and can really feel the drain on my brain. I better go get some sleep now... (-.-)