Thursday, June 03, 2004

Grad. Gown Photo-taking Day Missing "Catechism Class" & Saloon

Today was the grad. gown photo-taking day for student graduating sem1'04. There were not as many students graduating this june as compared to last year. Ha, I told Ph it was his wrong time to graduate, that's why so few other students... Anyway, I got up at round 12.30pm and dropped a msg to him telling him I was going to the com lab when I saw him from behind on the way to the lab. Wahh... so handsome in his graduation gown, but then again, most people look smart in their gowns. Cannot praise him too much else he'll become a worst "zhi lian kuang"!

We went around the campus with me helping him to take photos of him with friends and lecturers. It was one of the days where I looked the worst and bloated, but still had to take photos on that day. We even went all the way to the Monash signboard at the roundabout to take photos. Almost couldn't help laughing at the way a girl looked at him as he walk pass the com lab in the IT faculty, her eyes were totally fixed on him! Lucky he didn't notice, else he's gonna give me some look again. After that it was back to com lab again because the STUPID network in the residences is still not working! This time was one of the worse as it has been down for days already...

The evening was spent trying to read my lecture notes and contemplating whether to go for Catechism class or not. In the end, I guess I was just to lazy and wanted more time for studying. That's because I didn't want to feel guilty as I wanted to go the Saloon that night! =| What a "good" girl I am, hope god forgives me for some moments of playfullness... Drove to Saloon that night because it was cold and drizzling. Tried to get more studying done after I got home and bath at about 3am. But my eyes couldn't take it anymore and they were closing..Zzzzzzz.. (-_-)