Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ph gone a day for his Trip, Settling Stuff @ Uni and Home hooked on my laptop

Yesterday my mum went to Morwell shopping herself cause I wanted to go check out if there was any help needed for the next issue of the EMIT newspaper. Before that I went to settle some stuff like posting letters for myself and Ph. I actually printed out a copy of the "Bac. of Computing" Honours application form, filled it up for Ph and posted it without his knowledge. There was no harm in just applying since there was no fee process charges. I'm so naived actually to still be thinking of ways he could stay on in Gippsland for his honours. He's going to kill me if he knows about it... I'm still keeping my fingers crossed (^x^)

David and Kevin were at the Media rooms doing the layouts and stuff when I got there and since there was no extra computers to used, I just help with some article editing before I got the list of photos from David that I could help out with the Photos Designing. And so the afternoon was spent surfing the net looking for photos and also creating a deviant art gallery account to upload my pieces of work. Got a msg from Ph at round 8pm saying that he had reached Adelaide. Really miss him very much even though he had been gone for only less than a day...

The morning was awoken around 7am plus by the sound of my handphone message tune. I had a gut feeling that it was my Ph and true enough it really was. His messages were always sweet; This one was even sweeter because besides telling me he had safely reached the some desert, the message ended with a "Love U.." I rubbed my eyes to see if I was dreaming, and nope I didn't see wrongly. I called him immediatly caused I miss hearing him so much and we chatted for awhile before I went back to sleep. Oh god, this made me miss him so much more... (@_@)