Sunday, June 06, 2004

Sunday Mass, "Library Studying" and eve of prj. mgmt. exam!

My head was spinning when I woke up this morning cause I barely slept 4hours and had to wake up for church. I was still hesitating about going when Tigger dropped a msg saying she would meet me at carpark at 9.20am. Oh well, since Im already up so might as well go. If not I know I will feel guilty later because I had already skipped Catechism class. Went on to Foodworks with denise after that to get some more toiletries and stuff. Funny how come I never seem to run out of items to buy! She was telling me that there were rats in her house, maybe they should engage a rat buster there, haha.. =)

Got home at round 11am and made brunch for that little piggy still sleeping. Forgot that he can't eat much when he just wake up not long, so he didn't finish the stuff. I was supposed to catch some sleep but then decided to go to the library because there was like not enough time to study. Surprised him with another pack of "ai-xin" toast on the way there. Tried hard to concentrate but found myself dozing off every now and then. That was it, I want to sleep! Packed my stuff and went to com lab surf net awhile...

Dinner was the left over half packet of pasta and I later took a half hour nap because I couldn't take it anymore, my brain needed some rest. Night after bathing was spent trying to study again. Ph came over to keep me company and study together. I actually wanted to be alone to concentrate, but didn't want to hurt his feelings. However the actual distraction wasn't really him. It was the noise coming from somewhere and it made me really agitated because there I was trying hard to get things into my head, and then there are other disturbances coming through as well. This was another point which push the decision more on moving over to the South Units...