Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Mum's Arrival, City Shopping & Treasuring Few Moments...

Got up @ 4am monday morning due to the pill effects again. Picked up Denise at round 5.35am and we started our journey down Melbourne Airport. Was really grateful that she came got up so early to acccompany me on the long and tiring journey. Boy, only now I do realise the tiredness and strain of driving long distance. The trip to airport took round 3 hours due to the office hours jam in the morning. Picked mum up round 8.15am and with some directions from Tigger plus my instinct, we managed to find the Crown Casino carpark. Lucky the parking was a $7 flat rate so it was not so bad after all; We then took a tram down melbourne central.

Guess I was trying to reward myself after exams, so much so that I spent $200 plus in a day. As usual I couldn't control myself at Smith Street, especially at the Adidas and Nike stores. Fell in love with a "Just Jeans" jacket and just had to get it, cost me $80 bucks! The drive back gippsland was also a tiring one and I have to admit I almost fell asleep cause the sky was already dark on our way back. Couldn't wait to see Ph when he got back and was happy that he actually said he it was weird without me around him. He had gone for a 2D1N trip to Lake Entrance with his friends.

Spent the last 2 nights at his place cause he was going to Alice Springs(This time for 10days) with another group of friends. He just left awhile ago and I kind of miss him already. Well I have to get used to it because soon it'll be 5mths before we ever meet again. Helped him pack his stuff yesterday and later went on to cook dinner for the 3 of us. (My mum, Ph and myself). Didn't really sleep well last night and darn, it's only 7am plus now and I can't sleep already so here I am... online again... ***(@+@)***


Anonymous said...

hey chaboh....spent $200 shopping eh. you deserved it. *smile* im dead bored here!!!!!!actually cant wait to go back to gippy. at least i would have you to kill my boredom...muauhhahahah. my flight is on the 9th so ill be back on the 10th. miss you so much!!!!! anyways if you wanna text me this is mua number...012-6098403...take care gurl....-Len-