Saturday, June 19, 2004

3D2N Trip to Grampians & Shit! I need to diet, I've put on weight!

Just got back from the Grampians trip a 2 hours ago and couldn't wait to update my blog. The trip was a fun and unforgettable one, not only because it was my first holiday after exams but it was because of "he" who went with me. It was actually my real first time driving long distance for 2 hours non-stop due to the long 6 hour plus trip in which we had to take turns driving to and fro. Reached Grampians at round 5pm plus on Wed and checked into a place called Halls Gap Caravan Park. The accomodation was a special one because we were staying in a caravan and the beds, kitchen and dining table was all together in one place. Went with Ph, mike, kim and shiho and we went for a walk around the area after checking in. As usual there were convenience and souvenier stores plus some restaurants. Didn't do much on the 1st night because most shops were closed and it was already dark. Had take-away dinner and night was spent chatting, playing cards and having red wine to keep us warm. It was really freezing and definitely much colder than in Gippsland and everyone couldn't sleep well at night because the heater wasn't really working and the beds were just too cold...

Woke up at round 8.15am on thurs morning and went to bath. Took a long time cause the lights were out in the toilet and after everyone got ready, it was already 10am plus before we left the caravan. Went first for a 1 hour plus drive to "Hollow Mountain" and had a really good and challenging mountain climbing. The view was not too bad from above and we started taking pictures all along the way. Next was to "Boroka Lookout" but the afternoon was too foggy, thus we couldn't see any nice sceneary at all. So we headed on to "Mackenzie Falls". It was a high waterfall in which we had to walk down quite a dist, to the base but, it was quite a worthwhile walk as the waterfall was lovely. Night fell again soon and we had dinner at one of the restaurants there. The food was really great and the desserts as well; was expensive but worth it. Everyone wrapped in thicker clothing that night and bunked in earlier cause we were al tired.

Fri was first to "Reeds Lookout" and there were special rocks along the footpath with a peculiar large one at the lookout called "The Balconies" which looked like a dragon head. Next was back to "Boroka Lookout" again cause we wanted to get a better view in the sunshine this time. And luckily we went, cause the view was really splendid as we could see the whole of Halls Gap, the mountains and lakes around. We were supposed to leave early but in the end still went ahead to Silver Band Falls(another special waterfall with a streak of water coming down) and another lake(I forgot the name) for more photo-taking. Left Grampians at round 2pm and lunch and dinner was McD before we reached back Gippsland at round 8pm plus.

Was really happy throughout the trip cause it was a first holiday with "him" and even though there were other friends that went along, it was overall still fun. However I couldn't help but felt sad when I looked at all the photos, I realized that my face was real round and I had really put on some inconsiderable amount of weight which made me feel so ugly as compared to the photos I took just 1 month ago. Shit, I guess it's all because of "ai qing de zhi run" and the stupid exam pre-weight gaining blues. No, Im going to diet and get back to my usual self or even thinner if I can. Im not gonna risk getting fat and ugly again, especially when he's thinner than me. Though he's sweet enough to say he doesn't mind, that would not stop me, so "gambate" to my dieting! =) Have to go sleep now, really tired after the trip... Zzzzz (-,-)