Saturday, June 12, 2004

Woke up @ 3pm!, Suppose to Study, Dinner & Groceries Shopping @ Coles.

Boy, today was the latest I have ever woken up here. Guess cause my clock has been turned upside down. Yesterday was Mike's birthday and Ph, xiuling and I went over for a potluck at his place. There were a few people which I didn't know, but overall it was quite okay... Went over to Lenore's place cause wanted to wish them a Bon Voyage as she and Sheali were flying back to m'sia today. Gave them each a hug and can't believe I'm missing them a little already. Lucky my Tigger and her gang still around for awhile before she goes holidaying with her housemates and meeting her BF later in July...

Was glad Ph had a change of plans for his holiday and so I could follow him and his friends to Grampians on the 16th. Would be back on the 18th cause my mum's arriving on the 21st. Slept at 6am again, thus the late time I woke up today. Had a very late brunch/tea and was supposed to be studyin. Instead, I was surfing the net again and half completing my e-commerce tutorial. Dinner was 2 not-so-bad dishes made by Ph and we later went to Coles to get some stuff. I was really happy that I got the chance to drive here so that I wouldn't lose my skills. Ph always gave pass the wheel to me most of the time wherever we went so that I could practice driving with his car.

Back at home now and after clearing up the messy kitchen and talking to my mum, here I am again updating my blog and chatting my pal in s'pore. My pal was telling me that if he were someone, he'll stay committed long distance no matter how long the relationship is if he truely loves that person. I thought so that way too, but too bad someone doesn't think so. 6 months will pass very fast, if a guy can fall simply fall in love with another girl after he so-call have feelings for a girl now, then I guess he's just not worth it. An excuse about not knowing each other long enough is not a good one cause time doesn't metter if you truely love someone. All my friends keep telling me we'll still be together after I get back to s'pore in dec, but I don't dare think too much about it... Sometimes I can't help but wonder, why are most guys so fickle minded? Had enough, I'm going to bath now, need to do some studying else I'll feel guilty... =|