Sunday, June 20, 2004

Budget Car Rental, Sunday Mass & "Room Alone" Night

Finally confirmed when I wanted to go Sydney and booked my flight for my mum and I with Virgin Blue for departure on 28 June. God, the fare costs a total of AUD$448 for 2 people's 2-way ticket which is considered quite cheap here but costs like $1200 ringgit man! Anyway, that still excludes the accomodation and shopping... Hmmn, holidays always cost a bomb. Woke up like 7am this morning cause the lady from Budget was picking us up at 7.30am. Had to collect the car because Im going down to Melbourne Airport to pick up my mum who's arriving tommorrow at 6.45am. Lucky Tigger's around to go down with me so I won't be so lonely throughout the journey...

Called Ph up before I went to Church because he was going to Lake Entrance with his friends. **Sob Sob**, =( first time in so long he'll be away from me one night. Well, I kind of didn't really feel much cause I wanted some time for myself too. Not that I didn't miss him, but I've got to get used to not having him around soon anyway. Wanted to get some sleep in the afternoon, but instead went to Midvalley with Denise and believe it or not, I drove down a second time to Midvalley with my housemates for another round of shopping and dinner just an hour after I got back. The mitsubishi magna was really comfortable and grand - wished it were mine forever.. haha, there I am dreaming again..

Got a msg from Ph just now and he said it was just so weird without me around. Hmmn... My ex's mother called me in the afternoon and we chatted awhile. She didn't know that her son and I had broken up till I told her. Guessed he didn't want to tell his mum much. Anyway, she asked if I had another BF, I wasn't scared to deny cause she should know her son and I are just not compaitable and the kind of attitude he has. Arghh, gotta go check out the Melway book to familiarize the road to Melbourne Airport and also the way to Crown Casino plus Chadstone. Yeah, so happy can see my mum and can happily go shopping to any place I want with the car and no need to worry about having to rush for the bus or train and the amount of things to carry. Wish me luck in driving in the city tommorrow! (^v^)