Friday, June 04, 2004

Foodworks, Home Studying and "Our Night"

Got up at 10am due to the effects of the pill again. I delibrately took it last night before I slept cause I wanted to get up early. Once you get up at 12.30pm plus, it's more than half the day gone and there isn't time to do much things. It was raining on and off, but by hook or crook I still wanted to go Foodworks because there were still many things I needed to get. Lucky the rain became smaller as I was leaving, else I would be drenched carrying all the heavy stuff back home... Ph was still sleeping like a pig I guess..

I went to his place later with some bread for him and he was just on the way out; Said he was going to the library again. Funny how people can study at the library because I prefer to do it in the comfort of my cosy room, haha... =) Anyway, he quietly came over to look for me at round 5pm cause the library was closed and we had dinner together. My housemates weren't in as Hermant was down to melbourne city and the others went over to a friend's house. I was considering whether to move over to the South Unit with Denise and Evon next semester. Tried talking to my mum, but she was on a flight to Ipoh to attend my cousin's wedding.

Denise came over in the evening to pass me back the bowls and brought the ice-cream she accumulated for me. So sweet of Tigger! =) Got back to my books again after that and was trying hard to concentrate because someone was a distraction and don't know why he was exceptionally hungry that night. From grilled stuff to milo and more, he still wasn't really full. Haha, it's good if he continues like this, he'll definitely put on some weight and will look better... Night was still continue studying till 4.30am before I slept.... Zzzzzz (-.-)